If your son is struggling with addiction, then detox and rehab are the right choices. As a parent, however, it’s hard to know what kind of treatment is best. Although you may want to oversee the process and interact with your son daily, inpatient treatment might be the most effective option. Explore the benefits of residential treatment to see how it could help your son’s recovery journey.

You Don’t Have to Be the Bad Guy

Mother Whose Son Completed Inpatient TreatmentRecovery can be a tough time for patients, but it can just as tough for their parents. While you obviously want to help your son, you shouldn’t enable his behavior. If your son is in outpatient treatment, you still have to monitor his actions and be the authority figure each day.

With inpatient treatment, you won’t have that burden. You can support and encourage your child without having to be the bad guy. Medical professionals will lead effective counseling sessions while creating a safe, secure and substance-free environment. All you have to do is continue to love your son and maintain that relationship.

Inpatient Treatment Caters to All Addiction Types

Some parents think that inpatient programs are reserved for specific types of addictions. In reality, around-the-clock addiction treatment can be beneficial for any substance. Whether your son is dealing with a heroin addiction, a prescription drug addiction or any other substance abuse issue, residential care can help.

24/7 Medical Supervision is Critical

Overcoming an addiction means more than just breaking a bad habit. It also means physically and chemically withdrawing from the substance. Detox is typically the first step, and it can make the withdrawal process easier. Because withdrawal symptoms can be harsh and uncomfortable, having medical supervision is necessary.

Even with the best of intentions, you can’t take the place of an entire medical team. No parent can. Patients need constant monitoring in case of an emergency.

Some withdrawal side effects are relatively mild. In fact, they can sometimes be compared to the flu. However, there’s the potential for more serious side effects. Withdrawal symptoms can include violent outbursts, severe dehydration or even heart failure.

With constant medical monitoring, professionals will pick up warning signs early. They’ll be there to give patients with health risks extra attention, as well as deal with emergency situations swiftly.

Peers Can Provide Support to Your Son

Addiction can feel lonely. Even in recovery, your son may not feel completely understood. In a residential program, camaraderie can help reduce those feelings of isolation.

On a daily basis, your son can participate in group therapy. Additionally, meals can become a social experience. Simply being around others who are also recovering from addiction can make a positive difference.

A New Location Provides a Psychological Fresh Start

The alternative to inpatient treatment is typically outpatient treatment. While this can also be effective, it means that patients stay at home each night. For your son, that might mean living with you. Unfortunately, staying at home with parents during recovery isn’t always beneficial.

Sometimes, staying with parents makes patients feel juvenile. Even if they’re still teens or young adults, they need to be responsible for their future choices and behaviors. Staying in a new location, and having a new room outside of the family home, can provide a psychological fresh start.

Treatment at Ashley Addiction

You want the best for your son, and he deserves high-quality treatment. Achieving sobriety is the goal, but learning how to maintain it for a lifetime is just as important. At Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, we provide innovative, holistic care that treats both the underlying issues and the symptoms of addiction.

Our comprehensive Young Adult Program can be especially helpful for younger patients ready to embrace sobriety. It includes:

  • Onsite medical care, including supervised detox
  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Trauma and dual diagnosis care
  • Holistic therapies
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Amenities like yoga, a wellness center, and 24-hour food access

The light of recovery is right around the corner. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, your son can begin working toward lasting, meaningful sobriety. Call 866-313-6307 to find the right inpatient program today.