“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow a vision. But today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness.” -Fr. Joseph C. Martin, S.S., Co-Founder

Father and MaeAshley was founded in 1983 by Father Joseph C. Martin, S.S. and his friend and business partner, Mae Abraham, whose maiden name was Ashley. Mae Abraham initiated the idea to build a treatment facility. The two first met at one of his award-winning “Chalk Talks” at Johns Hopkins University in 1964. As people who suffered from the disease of alcoholism, they were inspired to make a change and help other addicts get well.

Father Martin was widely regarded as a pioneer in his field. It was his direct and compassionate approach to healing that was so innovative. He removed stigmas that deemed addiction a choice, rather than a disease, and encouraged holistic treatment to maintain lasting recovery. Many supporters still watch Father Martin’s videos as motivating recovery tools. Today, Ashley Addiction Treatment’s expert team is committed to preserving the spirit of its founders by helping more people get the treatment they need to heal.