Recovery begins today.

At Ashley, we believe that dignity and respect are one of the hallmarks of good treatment and good recovery – so – we invite you to begin to rebuild your own self-respect and dignity here on our campus. One of the ways that we do that is by the way that we care for ourselves, dress, and carry ourselves. Listed below are general DOs and DON’Ts of packing for your treatment experience at Ashley. Our Admissions Counselors can answer any additional questions you may have and you can download the full packing list here . We recommend that you bring up to $100 in cash to purchase items in our campus store. Our campus store offers toiletries, clothing, literature and more.

What to bring:

Please limit luggage to two pieces.

  • Comfortable Casual Attire– laundry service is provided here. Examples: Khakis and/or other cotton slacks, polo shirts or button down shirts & blouses, casual skirts or dresses, sweaters, etc.
  • Exercise clothing – gym shorts/shirts and sneakers – to be worn ONLY in the gym
  • Weather appropriate outerwear – including umbrella
  • Personal hygiene items – shampoo/soap/toothbrush/toothpaste/shaving kit
  • Medications – bring your existing prescribed medications in the original bottles
  • Smoking & tobacco products – Ashley will not provide these items. Cigarettes aren’t available to purchase on campus
  • Picture ID
  • Insurance and/or prescription card
  • Method of payment – credit card or cashiers’ check for amount agreed to during the pre-admission phone assessment

What NOT to bring:

  • Alcohol or non-prescription/illegal drugs
  • Over the counter medications and vitamins
  • Medical testing devices – consult with your admissions counselor
  • Cell phone, tablet, camera, or laptop
  • Body Powder or Baby Powder of any kind
  • Electronic Vapor Cigarettes
  • Perfumes or any product containing alcohol
  • Inappropriate or revealing clothing – that includes short shorts; pants that hang below the normal waist revealing underwear; any clothing with alcohol or drug logos/graphics
  • Food, candy or drinks
  • Guns, knives or any item commonly used as a weapon

*Please note that the safety of our patients is our top priority so your bags are subject to search during your arrival.