Our treatment programs – find your path forward

At Ashley, we use every innovative tool available to help you overcome your alcohol or drug dependency so you can find your way back to health and happiness.


The Ashley Approach

Using a continuum of care approach, we tailor your treatment plan to your needs, and implement it with our team of credentialed experts in an environment of respect and dignity.

Atmosphere of Awakening

We provide an environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing. Starting with our staff’s commitment to the dignity of every patient, extending to the rare natural beauty of our campus and supported by a range of wellness and recreational activities, Ashley invites everyone who enters to explore their potential for transformation.

Upcoming Events

February 20, 20186:30 pm

The Importance of Sponsorship – Baltimore, MD

12 Step Fellowships began with sponsorship. When Bill W., only a few months sober, was stricken with a powerful urge to drink, this thought came to him: “You need another alcoholic to talk to. You need another alcoholic just as much as he needs you!” He found Dr. Bob, who had been trying desperately and unsuccessfully to stop drinking, and out of their common need, a fellowship was born.

February 20, 20186:30 pm / 8:30 pm

Columbia, MD Parent & Family Connection

Parent & Family Connection is a safe, professionally-facilitated, member-run resource for parents and guardians that have a child (or children) in recovery or actively using.

February 21, 20187:00 pm / 8:00 pm

Washington, DC Alumni Meeting

The DC Alumni meets on the third Wednesday of every month. These chapter meetings offer a fun opportunity to reconnect with other Ashley grads in the Washington, D.C. region and provide supportive hands to the newest Ashley grads joining our ranks in recovery.


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