Realize your full potential.

“Ashley taught me getting clean isn’t just about not drinking or getting high, it’s about creating a life for myself that’s worth living.” – John R.

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we realize if you’re a young adult aged 18-25, you need a different approach to engage in life-long recovery. That’s why we offer a program specifically designed to help you recover from addiction and restore your freedom. Ashley’s experienced staff will teach you essential life skills and serve as mentors if you ever need support in your recovery process. Our goal is to help you realize your full potential and regain control of your life. If you’re ready to take on life with confidence, we have the tools to get you there.

Ashley’s Young Adult Program includes:

  • Consultations to address your medical, therapeutic and dietary needs
  • Direct access to Ashley’s team of certified medical professionals and Masters-level trained counselors
  • Onsite, medically monitored detoxification, if needed
  • Participation in individual and group therapy
  • Interactive workshops that address issues and challenges specific to young adults
  • Experiential programming to support future independent living
  • Recreational therapies like art, music, fitness and yoga
  • 12-Step meetings specific to young adults
  • Individualized continuing care plan to manage the transition from inpatient treatment to the next stage of recovery

Introducing the 90-day Young Adult Extended Care Program

Ashley Addiction Treatment now offers a 90-day Young Adult Extended Care Program for males 18 to 25 with individualized training modules and recreational activities so you can take life back.

Additional Services: