If overcoming a heroin addiction was a simple task, there wouldn’t be such a growing epidemic. It takes professional help and support to successfully win the fight with addiction.  Overcoming addiction is something that you shouldn’t have to do alone. Fortunately, Ashley Addiction Treatment can help with our heroin addiction treatment program in MD. Our compassionate, professional staff can help you regain control of your life.

Understanding A Heroin Addiction Treatment Program in MD

A First-Hand Look at Heroin Addiction Needing A Heroin Addiction Treatment Program in MDWhether you’re struggling with heroin addiction or know someone who is, you probably already know that addiction is an extremely progressive problem that gets worse over time. Moreover, you may have started off with prescription opioids and thought that you would never turn to heroin. You may also be someone who tried heroin but never thought that it would completely take control. Unfortunately, addiction completely hijacks your brain’s functionality and makes you lose control.

The brain is complex, and addiction affects two major parts of it. Think of those parts as the “stop” system and “go” system. The “go” system encourages you to return to activities that make you feel good, but it’s designed for survival. When addiction takes over this part of the brain, your brain believes it needs heroin in order to survive.

The “stop” system is there to help you make logical choices. When this part of the brain isn’t working properly, you become incapable of stopping your addiction regardless of consequences. To overcome your addiction, it’s going to take in-depth addiction treatment in MD to begin retraining your brain. Therefore, a heroin addiction treatment program in MD can make all the difference.

Combating a Heroin Addiction Starts with Detox

Ashley Addiction Treatment in Maryland offers an on-site detoxification process as part of comprehensive medical care to help you with withdrawal symptoms. You may be stuck in your addiction because using keeps you from getting sick. In some cases, we use medication-assisted treatment to help you reduce cravings and maintain stability.

While you’re in our care, you’ll have 24/7 access to professionals and beneficial treatment resources. This is important because potential medical issues can arise during withdrawal. Our facility has three full-time physicians as well as two physician assistants and over 30 registered nurses. Our professional staff will monitor your condition to ensure that you develop a solid recovery foundation. In fact, before entering our heroin addiction treatment program in MD, it’s best to enter one of our detox programs.

The Importance of Psychotherapy

Heroin use is only a symptom of addiction, and professional group therapy will help you find the root causes. For some people, mental illness is the root cause. Others may have various psychological triggers. Uncovering the root causes of addiction is crucial to heroin addiction recovery. Learning the reasons behind your addiction will be key to achieving sobriety.

Individual therapy gives you a private, one-on-one setting where you can open up about your thoughts, feelings and past. Our therapists will provide you with suggestions to help you progress in recovery. Group therapy is beneficial as well because you will get suggestions and support from your peers.

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we believe in a three-pillar approach to recovery. Innovative, integrated and holistic care is the best and most successful way to treat a heroin addiction. We also have plenty of amenities like a wellness center, personal trainers, dietary team, laundry service and more. We want you to be able to focus on your recovery as much as possible so you can begin to heal.

Start on the path to lasting recovery. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6310.