At Ashley, we embrace innovation by adopting new medical advances in addiction treatment. Our medical treatment is comprehensive and personalized based on your individual circumstances and treatment history. Our on site multidisciplinary team of board certified physicians, physician assistants, and nurses specialize in diagnosing and treating the effects of drug and alcohol dependence.

Ashley’s Medical Services include:

  • Reviewing charts prior to admission for patients with medical and/or psychiatric concerns
  • Nursing assessment upon admission and H and P with medical provider within 24 hours
  • Routine laboratory studies and urine toxicology upon admission – random urine toxicology throughout treatment
  • Detoxification as needed per protocol with changes as indicated
  • Regular nursing assessments as indicated – nursing one site 24/7, medical provider available 24/7
  • Anti-craving medication discussed with each appropriate patient and encouraged when indicated (naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfram, buprenorphine)
  • Medical evaluations for illness/injury – we refer patients to outside providers and to the hospital when needed
  • Psychological and psychiatric evaluations as needed with appropriate follow-up
  • Patient education in person and via lectures
  • Obtain collateral medical and psychiatric information from outside providers as needed
  • Prepare discharge instructions and provide appropriate prescriptions for discharge
  • Follow-up laboratory studies for abnormal admission labs
  • STD testing as indicated based on risk factors and/or as requested by the patient
  • Infectious Disease nurse provided STD Education lecture to patients
  • General nutritional education via lecture and consultations with the dietitian for special medical considerations (diabetes, liver disease, eating disorders)
  • Contacting family members as requested for care updates, concerns and answering of questions
  • Doing prior authorizations needed for patient medications or ordering appropriate substitution medications if needed
Doctor talking to patient