Under the street names meth, crystal, ice, and speed, methamphetamine causes users to experience an intense rush. Its euphoric properties make it the second most popular recreational drug worldwide. Sadly, this widespread use leads many people to need meth overdose treatment each year.

As of 2014, almost 13 million Americans over 12-years-old reported they had used meth. In 2011 alone, over 102,000 people needed meth overdose treatment in the United States. Over 50% of these people combined their meth with alcohol, marijuana, or other substances as part of a dangerous and almost deadly cocktail.

These statistics and others like them are why you need to know the signs of meth overdose. With this knowledge, you can help others get the meth overdose treatment they need when it counts.

Types of Meth Overdosemeth overdose treatment

Specifically, there are two types of meth overdose: acute and chronic.

An acute overdose occurs when individuals take too much meth at once. Conversely, a chronic overdose can occur when individuals use meth for an extended period. Both types of overdose require medical treatment, and both can be deadly. Many people lose their lives to these overdoses each year.

Signs and symptoms of an acute meth overdose include:

  • Enlarged pupils
  • Difficulty breathing and irregular, slowed or rapid heart rate
  • Stroke, kidney failure, chest pains, or heart attack
  • High blood pressure or high body temperature
  • Stomach pain
  • Confusion or psychosis
  • Seizures

Chronic overdose after long-term meth abuse includes its own signs that an individual needs meth overdose treatment. These signs include anxiety, sleep problems, extreme mood swings, violence, psychotic symptoms, and paranoia. People using meth for the long-term also exhibit extreme weight loss, dental issues, or skin problems.

High-quality addiction help is the best means of preventing meth overdose. However, there’s no one type of treatment that fits everyone’s needs. That’s why it’s vital to seek help at a rehab center that offers comprehensive and individualized care.

Where to Seek Meth Overdose Treatment

Located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, Ashley Addiction Treatment provides professional meth addiction treatment. Our substance abuse programs feature multiple levels of care, including:

Starting your treatment at Ashley Addiction Treatment takes you through onsite detox for meth. Once your body and brain clear themselves of the drug and its toxins, you progress into rehab treatment and therapies of your chosen program. Upon leaving Ashley Addiction Treatment, you’ll have the relapse prevention skills and knowledge to enjoy a lasting recovery.

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