Discover life beyond addiction.

“I remember putting my head on the pillow and being able to really rest. I realized that I had found a place where I could find a new way to live.” – Mark B.

Before recovery comes understanding, before understanding comes acceptance. At Ashley, we help you accept and understand the disease of addiction so you can achieve long-term recovery. Our comprehensive Primary Program helps you find freedom from addiction. By integrating clinical, medical, psychological and holistic practices, we address all sides of alcoholism and drug addiction, openly and directly. Our expert team gives you the tools and knowledge to guide you through your recovery process so you can make a lasting positive change.

Ashley’s Primary Program includes:

  • Consultations to address your medical, therapeutic and dietary needs
  • Direct access to Ashley’s team of certified medical professionals and Masters-level trained counselors
  • Onsite, medically monitored detoxification, if needed
  • Individual and group therapy, interactive workshops and 12-Step meetings
  • Continuing education to learn about the science of addiction
  • Individualized continuing care plan to manage the transition from inpatient treatment to the next stage of recovery

We take pride in providing proven care that will guide you to total recovery. Our staff has the experience to understand that each person has unique circumstances with addiction.

We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your utmost concerns. With a variety of therapies and treatment, we will find the root causes of your addiction and help you overcome them through skills training.

Primary Program for Addiction Treatment at Ashley

Our primary program for addiction treatment will combine modalities for the best possible outcomes in recovery, including family therapy, drug and alcohol detox programs, individual therapy, and young adult recovery.

Are you ready to overcome addiction in your life for good? Recovery is a lifelong process that requires support, encouragement, and the resources to remain sober. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we’ll provide the relapse prevention techniques to give you confidence once you return to your daily life. Contact our friendly staff today at 866-313-6310 to learn more about this unique opportunity.