Whether it’s you or someone you love that’s struggling, asking for addiction help is the first step toward recovery. Fortunately, high-quality treatment isn’t that hard to find. In reality, it’s only a phone call away.

Addiction Help for Yourself

If you’re the person needing addiction help, you’re about to undergo a brave journey. Even though you will have to work hard for long-term sobriety, rehab can be the beginning of a new life. Addiction is a chronic disease, but you can overcome your disease and achieve lasting sobriety.

What Type of Facility Is Best for Me?

Couple on the Beach Who Received Addiction HelpSearching for the right addiction treatment program can be intimidating. The best approach to finding addiction help is to develop an idea of your ideal rehab environment. Things to ask yourself include:

  • Should I stay close to home or away from triggers and temptations?
  • Is it better to live at home or stay in facility housing during treatment?
  • Are amenities important?
  • Is a gender or age-specific program right for my recovery?

Some of these questions won’t apply to your situation. For example, your insurance company and the severity of your addiction may dictate whether you enroll in inpatient, intensive outpatient, or outpatient rehab. If you’re a young adult, being in a program among peers can work best. No matter your situation, these questions will help you start identifying the best addiction help for your unique needs.

Someone I Love Needs Addiction Help

If someone you love needs rehab, you can help them get there. You just need to handle the issue of addiction carefully. Talk to your loved one honestly about the drug problem in a non-confrontational way. If you approach him or her with kindness and compassion, you’ll show your support, which is vital during the recovery process.

How Ashley Addiction Treatment Can Help

Understanding the differences between types of available substance abuse programs is also very helpful. Take a look at what Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland has to offer:

  • On-Site Detox: Detox is the first step before rehab. On-site medical care is best because it keeps you safe, secure, and comfortable for healthy withdrawal.
  • Primary Program: Adult-oriented program includes on-campus housing. You live among peers and attend daily clinical care. This type of program takes you away from potential relapse triggers and temptations. You gain a clear focus on your recovery and enjoy safety in addition to facility amenities.
  • Relapse Program: If you or your loved one completed a recovery program and experienced a setback, our Relapse Program can help re-establish strong sobriety habits.
  • Young Adult Program: This program focuses on the specific needs of all young people suffering from addiction. We also offer a 90-day Young Adult Extended Care Program for young men 18–25 years old.

Is Addiction Recovery Possible?

Addiction recovery is an achievable goal. You just have to put in the work, attend your therapies, and apply what you learn in rehab for relapse prevention. Recovery won’t be easy, but lasting sobriety is worth it.

If you or someone you love needs addiction help, don’t wait. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6307.