Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and addiction go together more than many people realize. In fact, ADD is just one of many mental illnesses that can lead to substance abuse and eventually addiction to those drugs or alcohol. This mental health condition involves the inability to pay attention while affecting your daily productivity, how you reach goals, and what you expect from your life.

People with ADD and addiction often began using substances to self-medicate. They look for a way to cope with their ADD symptoms and choose alcohol or drugs. However, the drugs sometimes include prescription stimulants, to which they never expect to suffer addiction. Therefore, rehab treatment is the only way to rebuild and improve your life for lasting recovery.

The good news is that about one-quarter of people in addiction rehab also suffer ADD or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Both of these conditions relate to attention problems. ADHD adds an additional issue of hyperactivity, beyond the inability to pay attention.

How Do ADD and Addiction Begin?ADD and Addiction: Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD and ADHD both occur among people with several key risk factors which include genetics, toxic substance exposure, and trauma.

Genetics provide the most common tie to ADD or ADHD. Therefore, children with ADD experience four times greater likelihood for family history of these problems. Although somewhat uncommon, brain trauma causes ADD or ADHD in some people like injury, tumor, stroke, or disease.

Additionally, exposure to certain toxins can cause ADD. Children with mothers who smoked tobacco or drank alcohol during pregnancy tend to suffer from ADD or ADHD. In addition, lead exposure also causes the hyperactivity in ADHD.

Addiction often begins as self-medication or overuse of prescription drugs for the treatment of ADD or ADHD. The conditions themselves disrupt work performance, social growth, and cause other problems like ADD and Adderall addiction.

Treating ADD and Addiction

Treating both ADD and addiction problems after an addiction begins is challenging. People frequently abuse the medications you need for treatment of your attention deficit disorder or ADHD. So, to treat both conditions, you need co-occurring condition treatment for dual diagnosis disorders.

The good news? ADD and addiction can gain treatment at the same time. Otherwise, the untreated condition leads the other into relapse. For complete wellness, you need a quality rehab program with a mix of therapies for both conditions. These therapies include:

A quality dual diagnosis program helps you change how you think and act to prevent substance abuse. Additionally, you build self-esteem and gain motivation toward a healthier, happier life. You also learn to control your ADD symptoms through therapies and medications. Finally, you identify triggers and impulses that lead you into addiction to prevent relapse and help your family members.

Through this type of program, you can manage your ADD symptoms. You build a new way of life for greater health, wellness, functioning, and freedom from substance abuse.

Attention Deficit Disorder Recovery at Ashley Addiction Treatment

Ashley Addiction Treatment helps you understand your dual diagnosis and how the two conditions work together to cause problems in your life. For example, programs of Ashley Treatment include:

If you are struggling with ADD and addiction, call Ashley Addiction Treatment now at 866-313-6310. With the right help, you can have a productive, healthy, and happy future.