Guiding young men forward.

“We are so thankful to Ashley for helping our son find a new lease on life.” – Parents of Ashley alumnus

To help increase the chance for long-term recovery, Ashley Addiction Treatment offers a 90-day Young Adult Extended Care Program for males 18 to 25. Through treatment plans that focus on identifying underlying factors contributing to addiction, training in life-skills and participation in on-campus and off-campus recreational activities designed to integrate fun, we motivate young men to take back control of their lives and become strong and active family and community members.

In Ashley’s Young Adult Extended Program, you will:

  • Receive an individualized treatment care plan that will strengthen your ability to reach your goals in recovery and life
  • Learn how to identify and treat the underlying issues that contribute to your addiction including mental health factors, unresolved grief and/or trauma, poor impulse control, distorted belief systems, low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth, through individual and group therapy
  • Engage in recreational therapies including “Sober Saturday” activities that teach you how to have fun without substance use. Activities include fishing, kayaking, movies, hiking, camping, bowling, high-ropes course and more…
  • Learn life skills to support independent living including financial planning, vocational training, nutritional education & meal preparation and community service
  • Attend off campus 12-Step meetings, including those specific to young adults
  • Receive a detailed continuing care plan from our experienced clinical staff in collaboration with referents, family members and other specialists

Additional Services:

  • Family meetings
  • Individualized exercise plans and personal recreation time
  • Mindfulness activities including yoga and gardening
  • Music and art therapies, equine-assisted counseling and schema-focused therapy
  • CPR, Naloxone and fire safety training
  • Communication and conflict resolution