Choosing treatment at Ashley means choosing life. By making the decision to get into treatment, your loved one begins at a designated point along the path of recovery that we refer to as the ‘continuum of care’. We believe Ashley is the first step in that journey, and we welcome you and your loved one to our program.

Recovery starts here and it continues in the life that your loved one creates for themselves. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive plan for their time here as well a comprehensive continuing care plan to help them transition to everyday life with ease and confidence. Their customized plan integrates the right balance of medical, psychological, spiritual, holistic, or 12-Step practices. Ashley staff works with your loved one to develop a plan that best suits their unique needs.

At Ashley, our multi-faceted team of professionals oversees your loved one’s care. We’re committed to continuing our connections with Ashley alumni and their families to develop the strong support system which begins at Ashley.

In that spirit we welcome you to visitation at Ashley, where patient care is our utmost priority. Please read the following guidelines and abide by them while visiting at Ashley:

  • Please wear your visitor’s badge at all times.
  • Please leave all cell phones, purses, cameras, backpacks/tote bags, drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, and weapons locked in your car.
  • Please refrain from having sensitive conversations on visitation – you can arrange to have these conversations on another day with your loved ones primary counselor.
  • Please do not take your loved one home prematurely. We assure you we are taking excellent care of them.
  • If you have brought your loved one a package, please leave it with the Clinical Aide Department in Bantle Hall.
  • This is a medical facility. Please do not give food or medication, including over the counter medications to any community member.
  • Please do not enter the second floor of any of the buildings, or any community member’s room.
  • Please observe the identified smoking and non-smoking sections of campus.
  • Community members are not allowed to go off the premises or to walk the “loop” with visitors.
  • Please do not go beyond the white fence by the water or into the woods.
  • No community member is to go to the parking lots for any reason.
  • Please stay on the public pathways.
  • Most importantly, we invite you to enjoy the serenity Ashley offers.

So that we may ensure the privacy of our patients and serve as gatekeepers while they are in our care, please make note of the following:

  • We understand that making the decision to come to treatment is often a difficult one, and that stress often mounts during the days and weeks leading up to admission. Our patients are NOT permitted visitation during the first 7 days of treatment. This gives them opportunity to settle in on campus and affords loved ones well-deserved time for themselves.
  • After 7 days, our patients are encouraged to invite loved ones. Our patients often look forward to the support and encouragement of visitation, and family members enjoy the opportunity to witness the patient’s progress first hand.
  • Visitation begins each Sunday with orientation at 1:00pm and concludes at 3:30pm.
  • Each patient may invite up to 3 adult visitors each week. They may invite as many children (ages 17 and under) as they wish for visitation each week.
  • Visitors should arrive between 12:30pm and 1:00pm. Visitation begins promptly at 1:00pm. Any visitors arriving late may be required to wait to speak with the weekend counselor for approval to proceed with the visit.
  • Please ensure that the patient you wish to see has submitted your name for the Visitation List. If you are unsure, please call in advance to verify. Anyone whose name is not on the Visitation List must be turned away. We take the security of your loved one very seriously and thank you for your understanding.

Whole Family Commitment

Total commitment from family can make all the difference in lifelong recovery. It takes participation from the entire support system to get well and enjoy everyday experiences again. We invite you to learn about, and participate in, our family recovery programs. Ashley’s Family Wellness Program helps you cope with the collateral effects of addiction. To help your whole family recover, we offer one family member complimentary admission* to our Family Wellness Program. For more information, please contact Family Wellness Program Manager at 410-273-2227.

*Complimentary admission for the program applies to patient families in our inpatient program only. Program fees apply to outpatient families and members of the public.


Ashley’s Parent and Family Connection Support Groups

Ashley’s Parent & Family Connection support groups are facilitated by licensed professionals and meet monthly – free of charge. We host groups in the following regions:

Al-Anon and Al-Ateen are worldwide fellowships that offer a program of recovery for the families and friends of alcoholics. You can find local meetings and members at or by calling 757-563-1600.

Nar-Anon is a 12-Step recovery program for friends and family members affected by someone else’s addiction. You can find local meetings and members at or by calling 800-477-6291.

Relapse Prevention Planning

No one likes to think about the possibility of relapse, however, effective planning can help prevent relapse. We suggest the following:

  • Seek help for yourself.
  • Call Ashley. Our resources are available to you.
  • Get Naloxone/Narcan training. You can locate trainings near you by contacting your county’s health department.
  • Continue to utilize family support groups.
  • Contact the Ashley Alumni Relations Department.