Beating an addiction on your own is tough. Most people are ill-equipped to handle the effects of addiction without professional help. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, our residential treatment facility provides all the tools needed to successfully break the cycle of addiction once and for all.

Our Havre de Grace, Maryland Facility

Group Meeting During Residential TreatmentThere are times when the best option is to seek help locally. Perhaps you would rather not travel or simply enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing friends and family are nearby. Many of our clients come from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the surrounding areas for those very reasons.

There are also times when a fresh start in a new location is the best option. Some may lack a support structure at home or need to escape an unhealthy relationship to begin rehab. We welcome people from across the country who desire a positive change in their lives, regardless of their circumstances.

Whether you are a local resident or come from some distance away, you’ll appreciate the scenic beauty of our Maryland facility. Our serene setting on the Chesapeake Bay provides a sense of calmness during what is often a stressful period for many individuals. With green space and an amazing waterfront view, it’s the perfect place to reflect on what brought you here in the first place.

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential or inpatient treatment involves living at a drug rehab center for a period of 30–90 days while working toward sobriety. By leaving the outside world behind, you can focus on beating your addiction and getting your life back on track again. Residential treatment may include any or all of the following components:

  • Detoxification
  • Medical assessment
  • Management of co-occurring conditions
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Educational programs
  • Relapse prevention

Customized Treatment Program

We believe every person develops an addiction in his or her own way. What’s required to help one client break an addiction may not work for another. At our Maryland residential treatment center, you’ll receive a customized program that caters to your needs and is designed to provide you with the optimum results possible.

We do more than must provide services that address your particular concerns. We also place you in one of the following substance abuse programs, which address addictive behaviors in their own unique way:

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Our programs are also gender specific. We’ve found that men and women face addiction in different ways, and encounter unique challenges when getting sober. Experience shows that people feel most comfortable and therefore respond more positively to residential treatment when segregated by gender.

The female-only path consists of breakout sessions led by female counselors who address issues such as guilt and perfectionism. In our male-only path, male counselors direct men who are struggling with things such as anger and pride.

Ongoing Care and Support

Our partnership with you doesn’t end after your time at our Maryland residential treatment center. We provide ongoing care and support ranging from alumni meetings and “Strengthening our Recovery” workshops, to family meetings. Upon discharge, we provide a continuing care plan that includes referrals to outside programs. Whether you live in Maryland or come from some distance away, you’ll have all the tools needed to maintain sobriety long term.

Many of our long-distance patients become so enchanted with the area that they decide to make Maryland their home. For those individuals, we may provide housing or transportation referrals to assist them with settling in. Some Ashley alumni serve as mentors to those who desire a fresh start but may not have some locally they can rely on.

No type of addiction should control your life. Overcome your addiction and regain control by going to a quality drug rehab. Contact us at 866-313-6307, and our rehabilitation specialists will get you on the road to recovery.