Ashley Treatment understands that mental illness can play a major role in your alcohol or drug addiction. Because psychological disorders are one of the leading causes of relapse, we provide dual diagnosis treatment. Our staff specializes in treating various mental disorders to help you or your loved one stay sober. While you’re here, we’ll diagnose your mental illness to give you the individualized treatment you need.

How Psychological Disorders Lead to Addiction

Many people in the United States aren’t properly educated about mental illness. Most mental illnesses develop between the ages of 14–24. Typically, you may be in high school or college with no familiarity with mental illness. You may start to experience symptoms without realizing it.

Without the proper education about mental illness, it’s common to turn to alcohol or drugs for relief. Rather than seeking professional help, talking to a teacher, or confiding in their parents, young adults self-medicate. Unfortunately, these substances often increase the symptoms of mental illness.

Psychological Disorders in the Form of Anxiety

Woman Discussing Psychological Disorders with TherapistCurrently, more people have symptoms of anxiety because of our fast-paced lifestyle. With smartphones and the Internet, we’re constantly connected and on the move. Anxiety is a normal reaction to danger or fear, but it can become debilitating. The symptoms of anxiety can vary, but the most common symptoms include:

  • Racing thoughts
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feelings of restlessness

The natural mental response to danger used to benefit early humans when facing real environmental threats. Today, the brain can overreact to less severe situations and have trouble balancing. Dual diagnosis treatment helps identify anxiety triggers and discover methods to deal with them. Ashley Addiction Treatment uses holistic care methods to keep anxiety from controlling your life.

Dealing with Depressive Psychological Disorders

If recovery wasn’t better than getting drunk or high, nobody would stay sober. The problem is that if you struggle with depression, it’s more difficult to see the beauty life offers. Different chemicals in the brain like serotonin produce feelings of happiness; if you’re struggling with depression, your brain isn’t effectively producing these chemicals.

Our substance abuse programs for mental illness help diagnose and treat symptoms of depression. By finding emotional support in group therapy, you’ll see that you’re not alone. At Ashley Treatment, you’ll learn that there’s an amazing life waiting for you just around the corner.

Ashley Treatment treats all psychological disorders. Our facility believes in innovative, integrated, and holistic treatment to help you heal. Our program helps restore hopefulness which leads to recovery.

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