Overcoming drug addiction can feel incredibly difficult, especially when individuals try to tackle it alone. However, the right help can make all the difference. For individuals seeking change, a drug detox program in MD is the best starting point. Learn more about the benefits of detox and what to expect once it begins.

A Detox Breaks Physical Drug Dependence

Doctor Talking to Patient About Our Drug Detox Program in MDDrug dependence can be psychological, emotional, mental or physical. Therefore, a drug detox program in MD has one primary goal: to help patients break their physical reliance on drugs.

By the time patients enter detox, they will have ceased all drug consumption. Typically, this will lead to withdrawal. While withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant, they won’t last forever. Once the detox and withdrawal processes are complete, patients can move on to other important steps on the road to recovery.

Detox Puts Patients Fast Track to Physical Health

Detox helps patients work on their physical health. Establishing good health is a big part of any truly successful drug detox program in MD.

When patients enter detox, they’ll complete an intake assessment that’s basically a combination of an interview and a physical exam. Clients can share any lingering health issues they recognize, and physicians will note any other concerns. Clients can also share their addiction history, dosage history and any questions they have.

An intake assessment is designed to ensure patient safety. If medical professionals notice any serious health conditions, patients can receive the right kind of treatment. Physical health is incredibly important during detox, so everything from prescription medication to IVs to 24/7 supervision is available.

After a Detox, Patients Can Begin Thinking Clearly and Rationally

Drug addiction alters the way people think. It can negatively alter the reward circuit in the brain, and it can prevent clear, logical thinking. It’s only after detox that patients will be able to rationally focus on their recovery.

It’s logical to think that overcoming a drug addiction will improve health, relationships, career prospects and happiness. But when people are struggling with an ongoing addiction, they aren’t thinking logically. Once detox is complete, people often see the value of sobriety. With a clear, logical mind, it’s easier to plan for a healthy future.

What to Expect From a Drug Detox Program in MD

Detox is different for everyone. To start, a lot depends on the type of drug detox program in MD you enter. For example, an opioid detox differs from a meth detox. Most drug detoxes, however, will follow the same basic pattern.

A detox officially starts when patients decide to stop using drugs altogether. Just a few hours later, withdrawal symptoms may begin to kick in. Withdrawal typically starts out very mild, but it can build in intensity quickly.

The peak of withdrawal may be three or four days into detox, or it could be a week into the process. Meth and benzodiazepines detoxes tend to be longer, and heroin detoxes may be shorter. After symptoms peak, patients can expect to gradually feel better until the detox is complete.

Detox is the Only Safe Way to Overcome a Drug Addiction

If you have a drug addiction, you need professional treatment. There’s simply no other safe way to recover.

Trying to self-detox means putting your health and your sobriety at risk. Patients in a treatment facility will have access to medical care and attention around-the-clock. Without these resources, individuals can suffer through unnecessary pain and even deal with serious health concerns.

After Drug Detox: What’s Next on the Road to Recovery

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, patients can enjoy detox and ongoing substance abuse programs in the very same location. That’s helpful, since detox is only the first of several steps to lifelong recovery.

After detox, patients need to prepare for relapse prevention. That means addressing mental health, finding coping mechanisms and creating healthy habits. Therapies used to achieve these goals include:

  • Group therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga and fitness therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Dual diagnosis and trauma therapy
  • Relapse prevention education

Clearly, a drug detox program in MD is the best way to start your recovery. At Ashley Addiction in Havre de Grace, Maryland, you can overcome a drug addiction with a comprehensive approach to wellness. Although each individual is different, many clients begin care in our Primary Program, which offers 24/7 care at our facility.

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