Nerve pain is frustrating and regularly requires medication. It also has the potential to be debilitating. In fact, opioid painkillers offer relief. However, this nerve pain treatment sometimes results in addiction.

Understanding the Need for Nerve Pain Treatmentnerve pain treatment

Shingles and diabetes are two leading causes of nerve pain. You’d think that treating the underlying condition would help. It’s true that it assists with the cause of the situation. However, it doesn’t provide effective nerve pain treatment.

It’s the same with other conditions that result in nerve pain. Specifically, you may have tried over-the-counter pain pills. Over time, the medication is less effective and you rely on other forms of pain relief.

At this point, you may visit your doctor. As a result, you may be offered opioid painkillers. You know the risks, but at this point, anything’s better than facing the pain alone. Unfortunately, many people begin to abuse their prescription on route to a full-blown addiction.

Overcoming an Addiction to Pain Pills

Has your body developed a tolerance to pain medication? If so, the chemicals changed the way that your brain releases neurotransmitters.

Now, you need the opioids just to feel normal. At this point, you’re servicing both an addiction and nerve pain treatment. In fact, your body begins to require both.

However, detoxification weans you off the opioids. Don’t be afraid of the pain that comes with the withdrawal. Pharmacological support now makes withdrawal pain-free. Next, you transition to clinical care once you are completely weaned off the drug.

Good-quality facilities offer detox and rehab at the same location. Doing so prevents the break in treatment that can result in relapse. For example, an intake counselor puts together a custom treatment regimen, which might include:

  • Psychotherapy as a means of exchanging patterns of dysfunction with healthy reactions
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Process and themed group therapy sessions that encourage personal growth with communal learning
  • Gender-specific therapeutic approaches that build on your strengths and ensure a nurturing environment for healing
  • Holistic treatments, which emphasize healthy stress relief options with Yoga and meditation
  • Nutritional counseling that assists you to eat healthy meals and find foods that won’t aggravate your medical conditions
  • Targeted fitness therapy for your ability level, which can make a difference when pain convinces you not to move

Adding Nerve Pain Treatment to the Protocol

For clients in need of chronic pain management techniques, excellent facilities add a nerve pain treatment modality. If you don’t learn how to handle pain differently, you might find yourself back to opioid abuse.

In many cases, there are additional treatment options that can help you control the pain. For example, did you know that some antidepressants have shown quite a bit of promise? Pairing them with anticonvulsants can help some patients with nerve pain. Another treatment option involves the use of a TENS unit.

This noninvasive process can significantly boost your quality of life. Even acupuncture and meditation have shown promise in some cases. The trick here is to combine the modalities and help you find the ones that work for you. Moreover, a pain recovery program at a rehab facility offers you these opportunities.

Seek Treatment At Ashley

An addiction won’t go away by itself. In fact, research shows that prolonged use makes you more susceptible to pain. As a result, you’re struggling with addiction and worsening pain. Moreover, the opioids also present with side effects.

However, this doesn’t have to be your future. Choosing one of the excellent addiction treatment programs that combine detox, rehab, and pain recovery at one location can help. For example, Ashley Addiction Treatment will guide you through detox to rehab and overall wellness. Call 866-313-6310 today and talk to an intake counselor about your need for pain relief and addiction treatment.