A man’s supposed to be able to hold his liquor. This saying is just one of the destructive notions society perpetuates. It goes right along those that discount your anger and frustration at being dependent on alcohol. Overcoming this chemical dependency is possible with a mens alcohol rehab program in MD.

How Prevalent is Alcohol Abuse in the Male Population?

Man Who Benefitted from Treatment at Our Mens Alcohol Rehab Program in MDIt’s tempting to look for generic substance abuse programs in MD that cater to a unisex clientele. After all, why wouldn’t the same modalities work for men and women alike? The answer is simple: a mens alcohol rehab program in MD targets the areas in the male character that may keep him from recovering. Pride and shame may prevent you from reaching out for help in a co-ed setting.

Did you know that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism identifies nearly 10 million men as suffering from the disease? A program that offers gender specific paths makes it easier to admit that you need help. It introduces you to therapists who routinely work with men just like you to overcome alcohol use disorders. Additionally, because there’s nothing these pros haven’t seen or heard, you can be fully at ease.

What Sets A Mens Alcohol Rehab Program in MD Apart

Following the disease model of addiction, therapists work with urgency. They recognize that men are far more likely than women to suffer from alcohol use disorders. In a co-ed setting, you might be able to hide behind a mask of stoic calm and quiet. That attitude won’t work here.

Experts in the field of addiction treatment know that an alcohol use disorder doesn’t get better by itself. They also recognize that getting to the root of the disease is the only way to treat it for the long term. After all, you’re looking for a way to attain lifelong sobriety. Modalities that therapists employ to help you include:

  • Alcohol detox that monitors your well-being and ensures your physiological safety during the withdrawal process
  • A primary care program that delivers comprehensive treatment for an alcohol use disorder
  • One-on-one talk therapy for uncovering the reason for the addiction; approaches may feature cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Interactive workshops that educate you on the disease model of addiction and the path to recovery
  • 12-Step meetings that build accountability among peers and help you undo self-imposed isolation

Family programs are of vital importance when your addiction affects loved ones. These therapeutic sessions help them to heal, establish boundaries, and regain trust. They also serve to help family members identify ways of becoming your support network when you transition home. Doing so is a vital aspect of relapse prevention.

Young Adults Need Mens Alcohol Rehab, Too

Researchers also discovered that college-aged young adults struggle with heavy drinking. About 13% of college students between 18–22 years of age drink heavily. It’s a common misconception that alcohol use disorders only affect you later in life. For this reason, it makes sense to have a program in place for the young adult demographic as well.

However, your needs are different from those in other age groups. That’s why therapists at Ashley Addiction Treatment adjust the way they deliver programs. Whether you need a mens drug rehab program in MD or help for an alcohol use disorder, there’s an age-appropriate approach. Moreover, young adult men have the option of participating in a 90-day extended care program.

This modality presents you with customized training for added relapse prevention. Because many young men need to re-learn how to recreate without using, these activities are part of the program. The goal of the extended care option is to present you with an additional opportunity to reclaim your freedom. Since it involves others who are also in recovery, you benefit from peer interactions and build self-esteem.

Find Out How We Can Make a Difference in Your Recovery Today

You don’t have to continue suffering in silence. In fact, there are now treatment options for men of all ages through our mens alcohol rehab program in MD. Reach out to our friendly therapists today to find out how we can help. Call 866-313-6310 now.