In early recovery, many people experience mental fogginess. They struggle to form clear thoughts as their brain adjusts to sobriety. They also suffer widely swinging emotions with greater potential for relapse because of the newness of recovery. Meditation mindfulness training in treatment helps you overcome these issues and maintain wellness throughout your future.

What is Meditation Mindfulness Training?Meditation mindfulness training and meditation therapy benefits during rehab

Meditation mindfulness training helps you stay tuned into your present moment and helps you gain greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings as they exist, without having them take over. Mindfulness enables you to observe yourself and others without judgment.

Meditation mindfulness focuses on your awareness, memory, and attention. The practice brings many benefits, including your ability to manage stress, reduce your anxiety, prevent or reduce depression, and stay more aware of your physical wellness. It can also help you deal with pain, ward off disease, and make better decisions.

Meditation Mindfulness Training in Addiction Recovery

Meditation mindfulness training helps you face all of the new challenges you experience after starting sobriety and provides another tool in your toolbox for coping and living a better life.

Meditation mindfulness helps you control your feelings when you go through the ups and downs of getting sober in treatment. As you use the practice, your cravings reduce which will help you overcome these hurdles. Additionally, practicing meditation mindfulness helps you see relapse warning signs early to avoid losing your sobriety.

What Meditation Mindfulness Training Teaches You

Through this training of meditation mindfulness, you learn how to stop avoiding or sensitizing yourself to your experiences or medicating to escape reality. Instead, the practice shows you how to live in the moment and remain aware of your every experience and can help you value the ups and downs for the lessons they are.

Meditation mindfulness teaches you to sit quietly, with good posture, while closing your eyes and focusing on your thoughts. You will pay close attention to your breath’s natural process, inhaling and exhaling. You will start with five minutes early in the learning process and continue expanding to 20 minutes or more. This practice will be something you can coach yourself during your daily life after treatment.

Meditation Therapy During Rehab

Meditation mindfulness is just one type of holistic therapy in rehab. You usually find it listed under meditation therapy. Other holistic therapies proven beneficial for substance abuse recovery include:

  • Nutrition and diet
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Personal training
  • Life skills and coping skills
  • Outdoor recreation

Holistic care is proven effective for the mind, body, and spiritual wellness and is something you can carry forward into your life, home, and community.

Holistic Therapy in Maryland Rehab

In Havre de Grace, Maryland, Ashley Addiction Treatment provides a mix of holistic therapies and behavioral therapies. Together, these therapies help you form a solid foundation of wellness.

Treatment at Ashley Addiction Treatment includes:

For your best life in recovery, call Ashley Addiction Treatment at 866-313-6310. You can build the future you want through mindfulness and meditation.