The Mae Abraham Women's Center at Ashley 

Women face different challenges during their treatment experience, and the Women’s Center will help meet many of those needs. Housed within the female-only, residential Noble Hall, the Center will be an oasis of safety where women can convene, relax and explore an array of activities which support their recovery.

The Center Will:

  • Convey a treatment environment encouraging connection, empowerment, and mutuality.
  • Motivate women to adopt wellness strategies that connect to their experiences and values.
  • Be warm, inviting and comforting to women regardless of their age, size or physical capabilities.
  • Be free of mirrors to promote an atmosphere where personhood is emphasized over appearance.
  • Have comfortable, overstuffed seating, conversational areas, and tables for gathering, and connection.
  • Provide task lighting suitable for all activities, including journaling, art therapy, meditation, and yoga.
  • Afford an advantageous and inspirational view of the Bay, while ensuring privacy through the use of privacy windows and elegant window treatments.
  • Feature artwork and décor color schemes that are empowering and encouraging.


Naming Opportunities 

Center Name 1 $100,000
Draperies 1 $20,000
Integrated A/V System 1 $15,000
Activity Table 1 $15,000
Chandelier 1 $10,000
Large Bronze Sculpture 1 $10,000
Large Wood Sculpture 1 $10,000
Book Shelves 2 $7,500 ea.
Large Framed Artworks 3 $5,000 ea.
Sofa 2 $5,000 ea.
Coffee Table 1 $5,000
Persian Rug 1 $5,000
Chairs 3 $2,500 ea.
Bean Bags 2 $2,500 ea.
Stuffed Pillows 5 $1,000 ea.
Small Rugs 2 $1,000 ea.
Lamps & Assorted Items 10 $500 ea.
Small Artwork Items 10 $250 ea.












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