A cocaine detox program in MD is different than a detox for other drugs or alcohol. Cocaine provides a short-term high and leaves the body quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that a cocaine detox is easy. With the help of the right detox and rehab program, you can get through cocaine detox and rebuild your life for lasting recovery.

Cocaine Detox Symptoms

Cocaine Detox Program in MD Helped Man Get His Family BackEnding your cocaine addiction begins with withdrawal during detox. Your experience, however, will depend on many individual factors. These include your cocaine use history, personal health, amount of cocaine per dose, frequency of use, whether you used cocaine with other drugs or alcohol, and other factors.

Cocaine is both psychologically and physically addictive. It provides a quick, short-term high. Because the high ends so quickly, people use it over and over in a binge pattern. When they no longer experience the same effects as the initial high, they’ve developed a tolerance, and the pattern of use continues.

Withdrawal symptoms, those you experience in a cocaine detox program in MD, occur after stopping your cocaine use. Symptoms last one to three weeks and generally include:

  • Waves of drug cravings in varied intensity
  • Anxiety, agitation, and restlessness
  • Depression, fatigue, and extended periods of sleep
  • General malaise, increased appetite, and reduced activity levels
  • Vivid dreams or nightmares

These cocaine withdrawal symptoms can last as long as several months after quitting the drug. Depression is particularly difficult after cocaine withdrawal, as the body normalizes its natural serotonin and dopamine levels.

How Long Is A Cocaine Detox Program in MD?

Acute cocaine withdrawal effects end about a week or two after quitting the drug. These symptoms are physically and psychologically uncomfortable. However, they’re rarely severe or dangerous to your health.

Depending on how much cocaine you used in one binge, your cocaine “crash” lasted between nine hours and four days. This means your high ended, causing you to feel tired and depressed. You crashed into sleep and craved more of the drug. This is similar to how you feel in detox, along with additional symptoms that last a week or two.

After going through detox, many people experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms, or PAWS, from cocaine. PAWS can last several months or as long as a year. Whether you experience PAWS and its duration depend on your frequency, dosing, and last cocaine use. These symptoms include sleep problems, depression, and cravings for cocaine.

The hardest part of your detox is ending your cycle of drug use. You crave cocaine when you’re not using it, meaning you must break through these cravings to achieve sobriety. Fortunately, the worst cravings end within three to four days. Once they pass, you’ll have a real chance of lifelong recovery.

Understanding and Overcoming Cocaine Addiction

When cocaine addiction is present in your life, you will begin to lose sight of responsibilities. Moreover, you may begin to lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.

In fact, cocaine addiction can cause many financial burdens as well. Known as a “rich man’s drug,” cocaine is widely sold on the street at high prices. If you recognize someone struggling with cocaine addiction, reach out today for more information about our cocaine detox program in MD.

Lasting Recovery Is Possible

In order to overcome cocaine addiction, it takes guidance, support, and addiction treatment services from qualified professionals who understand your needs. The detox and rehab center you choose plays a pivotal role in your recovery success.

Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland treats addiction to cocaine through detox and rehab programs. We offer four core substance abuse programs:

We provide on-site detox programs as part of our comprehensive access to medical care. After supervised detox, you’ll transition into residential or intensive outpatient rehab for your addiction. Our mission is to deliver innovative, integrated, and holistic care for people just like you.

While gaining strong recovery at Ashley, your wellness increases through a variety of amenities. These amenities include yoga, acupuncture, meditation, massage, personal training in a wellness center with fitness equipment, dietary support, 24-hour access to food, semi-private rooms, laundry services, and housecleaning.

Stop letting cocaine addiction control your life. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment now at 866-313-6310 for help.