The abuse of prescription medications is a serious problem throughout America. Statistics indicate that millions of American adults may be affected by this problem. Specifically, the information below will address the complexities of tramadol addiction and how to recognize the signs of this growing problem.

What is Tramadol?tramadol addiction

In fact, tramadol is a powerful prescription opioid painkilling drug. Tramadol can be useful for the treatment of moderate to severe pain that occurs as a result of accidents, illnesses, or surgical procedures. Although it’s useful in a medical sense, Tramadol carries a high risk for physical dependence. As a result, the complications resulting from a tramadol addiction can become severe.

Recognizing the Signs of Tramadol Addiction

Substance abuse is a serious and complex issue. Therefore, it’s imperative to be able to recognize the signs of a tramadol addiction. For example, consider the following list of common signs associated with tramadol abuse.

Physical Dependence on Tramadol

When a person uses a substance for an extensive period of time, their body can become accustomed to the effects the substance creates. This can create a need for increased amounts of the drug over time to achieve the same effects. Moreover, this physical dependence on the drug is often the first step in a repetitive cycle of abuse.

Continuing Use of Tramadol Despite Severe Consequences

Those facing addiction often continue using the drug in question despite the severe consequences that result. In spite of the breakdown of relationships or the loss of a job, their primary focus will remain on continuing to use the drug.

Facing Withdrawal Symptoms

Many potentially severe withdrawal symptoms can occur once a person has a physical dependence on a drug. Furthermore, these withdrawal symptoms can make it difficult or impossible to break free of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, chills, and even seizures.

Obtaining Multiple Doctors

It’s not unusual for those facing a tramadol addiction to obtain prescriptions from multiple physicians. In fact, many people do this in an effort to ensure they always have a steady supply of the drug.

Social Isolation

You may notice users begin to isolate themselves from others. This isolation may be a direct result of the drug abuse, or it may reflect accompanying depression. In addition, withdrawal from once favored activities and hobbies is also common.

Displaying Secretive Behaviors

Those facing the challenges that come along with substance abuse may also begin to display secretive behaviors. For example, they may hide their circle of friends who encourage their drug abuse. Additionally, they may dispose of drug or alcohol materials in secret locations to avoid drawing attention to the severity of their problem.

Seek Help for Tramadol Addiction

When a person is trying to break free from the grip of substance abuse, they will face an onslaught of challenges. First, detox symptoms can become severe or life-threatening in some cases. For this reason, it’s imperative that individuals receive the support, treatment, and understanding they need from a quality rehab center. These professionals have the training and experience necessary to deal with the complex nature of substance abuse.

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