Millions of people living in the United States use marijuana. For some, prolonged use gradually evolves into full-blown dependency and addiction. Do you or a loved one abuse marijuana? Have you tried to stop, but found it difficult to overcome the urges that accompany marijuana withdrawal? If you’re unable to quit on your own, it might be time to seek outside help. Professional rehab can help get you through detox and teach you how to maintain your sobriety.

Marijuana and Addiction

Professional Guiding Woman Through Marijuana WithdrawalAlso known as cannabis, weed, grass, and pot among other names, did you know that marijuana is the single most widely used illegal drug in the United States? Did you know that use can lead to dependency, addiction, and withdrawal?

If you didn’t, you certainly aren’t alone.

When it comes to addiction problems in the United States, society often overlooks marijuana. This is most likely because the natural drug doesn’t seem to present dangerous symptoms. In fact, the effects of marijuana are actually quite mild compared to those caused by more potent mind-altering substances like heroin or cocaine.

Many people can use marijuana and never become addicted. However, about 30% of individuals who use marijuana develop some type of marijuana use disorder. People who suffer from pre-existing mental disorders, stress, or genetic tendencies are at higher risk for dependency and addiction. Those who begin using in adolescence are also at increased risk.

Dependence and Marijuana Withdrawal

As previously stated, most people who dabble with marijuana use can walk away from the drug with little to no problem. For those that abuse the drug for an extended period of time, tolerance and risk of dependence increase.

Being dependent on marijuana means that the individual feels as though they “need” the drug to feel “normal.” Once dependency and addiction develop, quitting becomes a challenge. Heavy or long-time users may also experience withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit.

Though marijuana withdrawal is relatively mild compared to other drug withdrawals, symptoms can still be unpleasant. Many people attempt to self-detox because they think they can manage withdrawal symptoms on their own. Unfortunately, many of these people relapse when the urge to use again becomes too overwhelming.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, but can include:

  • Fever and chills
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Restlessness

While these symptoms aren’t life-threatening, they can still cause discomfort for the user. If you suffer from addiction, medically managed detox can help you get through marijuana withdrawal. Afterward, qualified professionals will teach you important life skills and prepare you for a lifetime of sobriety.

Treatment Can Help

At Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre De Grace, Maryland, our addiction treatment approaches that can put you on the path to lasting results. With our help, you can get sober and learn to replace destructive habits with healthier ones. Recovery is a day-by-day process that you can begin at our beautiful, private, and confidential facility.

Our core substance abuse programs include:

No matter how long you’ve been abusing marijuana, treatment can help you get clean. Total and lasting recovery is achievable if you’re ready to commit to making a change. Our rehab specialists will help you overcome your problem and develop a healthier perspective. The sober and satisfying life you deserve is closer than you realize.

Get Help With Detox Now

Don’t face the complicated marijuana withdrawal process alone. Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre De Grace, Maryland, offers quality and compassionate marijuana addiction programs. Let us help ease the burden of withdrawal symptoms and set you on the road to recovery. Call us today at 866-313-6307.