Is your son experiencing difficulties related to a marijuana addiction? Have you noticed drastic changes in his personality and overall enthusiasm for life? Society often underestimates marijuana addiction, but it can lead individuals down a destructive path if it goes ignored. To best help your son achieve sobriety and independence, professional drug rehab is the best solution.

Effects of Marijuana Abuse

Mother Talking to Her Son About Marijuana AddictionMarijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs in all of the world. While strains vary, for the most part it’s a natural substance. Users can smoke it or mix it with food for its calming, sedative-like effects. Users experience an initial euphoric “rush” that typically lasting about 30 minutes. During—and after—this dream-like state, users also experience immediate effects like increased heart rate and reduced balance and coordination.

Although society doesn’t consider marijuana to be as dangerous as other illegal drugs, it can cause negative short and long-term consequences for users. Long-term or heavy usage can result in anxiety, poor performance at work or school, impaired abilities, and lower life satisfaction. In general, marijuana use lowers the individual’s drive and zest for basic daily activities and interaction.

If you’ve noticed a change in your son’s behavior, his group of friends, or declining motivation or purpose, this could indicate a problem. His casual marijuana use may have developed into a psychological dependency that requires professional treatment. If his addiction continues to go untreated, his risk of graduating to other drugs increases exponentially.

Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

Don’t be fool yourself: marijuana addiction isn’t harmless. The natural substance acts as a “gateway” to other drugs. In fact, the majority of people who abuse harsher drugs like cocaine or heroin started with marijuana.

If your son is actively using marijuana, he’s at risk of experimenting with other, more dangerous mind-altering substances. As a parent, you’re empowered to encourage him to seek professional rehab treatment. Quality rehab services can help him get clean and teach him lifelong relapse prevention skills.

Quality Marijuana Addiction Treatment

At Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, we offer a unique treatment experience that can literally save your son’s life. Our medical professionals can help him get clean and teach him how to live without the need for mind-altering substances. We’ve designed our young adult extended care program to help young men ages 18–25 back on their feet and capable of resisting the temptation to use, ever again.

As part of our on-site medical care, our guests can go through a medically monitored detox which assists in the withdrawal process.

Seek Help for Your Son’s Marijuana Addiction Today

We understand that parents face a confusing burden when their child gets mixed up in the destructive cycle of drug addiction. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we provide quality and compassionate care that can get your son off of drugs and teach him a better way of living.

Don’t spend more time worrying about his future or the future of your family. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6310.