What can Ashley Addiction Treatment bring to the table that so many other rehabilitation centers in MD are missing? If you or a loved one is thinking of coming in from out of state, is this difference worth the trip? If your goal is lasting sobriety, then the answer is, “Yes.”

Not All Rehabilitation Centers in MD Offer a Central Location

Our therapists frequently work with clients coming in from nearby Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Wilmington, and Baltimore. Our 147-acre campus along the Chesapeake Bay provides the ideal backdrop for relaxation, rehabilitation, and escaping local stressors and triggers. The proximity to tranquil waters and well-tended grounds helps program participants shift their focus from surviving to healing.

Effective Programs Address the Needs of Multiple Client Populations

Rehabilitation Centers in MDWhen it comes to substance abuse programs, one size doesn’t fit all. While many rehabilitation centers in MD offer a universal treatment approach, Ashley Addiction Treatment provides individualize clinical care from the onset. Examples include:

  • Primary Program that combines medical detoxification, a broad range of counseling options, and continuing care planning for relapse prevention
  • Young Adult Program that focuses on challenges and issues for younger clients
  • Relapse Program for people struggling with substance abuse problems who’ve hit a bump in the road and now need to refocus
  • Pain Recovery Program assists those struggling with opiates to deal with the root of the problem and prevent future needs for opiates

Treatments Focus on Participants’ Needs at Every Step on the Road to Recovery

Although the intake interview during the admissions process gets you started, it’s not the end of the customization. After all, you may identify needs along the way that you weren’t aware of when you first started. For this reason, our experts adjust and continue to customize care.

Examples may include:

  • Medical care that includes monitored detoxification, management of co-occurring conditions and other health needs
  • Psychological and psychiatric care for dual diagnosis, trauma resolution, and when there’s a need for specialized therapy such as grief recovery
  • Holistic care including meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and experiential therapy
  • Gender-specific treatments allow participants to explore and grapple with emotions unique to them
  • Skill-based workshops that build self-confidence, provide hands-on treatment, and allow for learning in the process
  • Because the ultimate goal is for you to live a substance-free life, counselors will offer programs for your needs.

Getting Help at One of the Best Rehabilitation Centers in MD

Ashley Addiction Treatment offers a thorough rehabilitation experience that combines holistic care with innovative and integrated modalities. The steps for admission help you chart the course for a productive stay. A confidential phone assessment puts you in touch with an expert who helps you through the initial fact-finding.

Next, it’s time to talk about planning for your stay financially. Our staff members handle the insurance verification. If needed, they also assist with payment arrangements. At this point, it’s a good time for reviewing your goals and getting ready for healing.

Finally, it’s time to set a date for the admission. Our medical experts conduct a formal assessment, which ensures that you’ll be comfortable. We help you get familiar with the setting and the program. From that point on, you’re ready to attend classes, learn about yourself, and recover.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to get well and stop letting drugs control your life? If you or a loved one needs help, simply call Ashley Addiction Treatment at 866-313-6307 for immediate assistance.