Have you entrusted a Pennsylvania drug rehab center with your recovery that didn’t work out? Moreover, maybe you’re beginning for your search for the first time today. In fact, take a closer look at Maryland’s rehab facilities and learn how traveling for treatment has many vital benefits.

Traveling for Rehab? Why Not?Pennsylvania drug rehab center

Recovery is more than just the absence of a chemical in your life. It’s a mind change that results in a life change. Why not make the changes by putting distance between yourself and the negative environment that led to your addiction?

Leaving a drug-using peer group far behind is a good idea as well. You escape the invitations to use, and focus on healing instead. If you’re dealing with codependency issues in a relationship, you need the physical space to re-evaluate your commitment. Moreover, people coping with unsafe living situations benefit from putting distance between themselves and their tormentors.

However, you also benefit from seeking an alternative to a Pennsylvania drug rehab center. For this reason, taking a closer look at a Maryland addiction treatment center will give you better options for overall recovery.

What Any High-Quality Maryland or Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center Will Offer

The best facilities offer detoxification and rehab at the same location. Specifically, medical care is the beginning of recovery. You break the physiological hold the drug has on you. It takes about a week to ten days, depending on the substance and individual.

Medical support is part of the experience, and withdrawal is now mostly pain-free. The dangerous time for most people after detox is the lag time between medical and clinical care. However, if you have rehab at the same location as detox, you simply ease into a new treatment curriculum. In fact, an intake counselor will prepare a custom treatment protocol for you as soon as your detox winds down.

Therapy Options for Recovery

Clinical care aspects of recovery make a significant difference in the quality of any Maryland or Pennsylvania drug rehab center. No two people are alike. In the same way, no two addictions are necessarily alike, either. As a result, you need to individualize treatment so that it speaks to the program participant.

However, you can’t do that if you don’t offer a broad range of modalities. If a Maryland or Pennsylvania drug rehab center only has few therapeutic approaches, it may not help you. For example, here are possible treatment options you should look for:

  • Gender-specific rehab curriculum options that focus on your innate strengths and offer support
  • Individual talk therapy that lets you meet with a therapist who focuses on your situation
  • Group therapy sessions that a facilitator puts together for processes or themes
  • Experiential workshops that help you learn about addiction, offer introspection, and provide for hands-on opportunities to experience something new
  • Fitness therapy and nutritional support, which emphasize a return to a healthier lifestyle
    Choose a Facility with a Strong Holistic Program

Drug abuse affects your body and psyche. Furthermore, it also changes your emotional responses. Good-quality centers offer a continuum of care that incorporates holistic treatment. Examples include yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

You’ll learn about stressors and how to deal with them. Moreover, you find ways of relaxing instead of reaching for a drug. In many ways, holistic care supports evidence-based therapies. Unfortunately, only a few facilities offer this treatment at this time.

Seek Recovery Help Today

If you’ve been disappointed by a Pennsylvania drug rehab center, make the drive down to Maryland for the highest quality recovery care. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, our supportive staff will be by your side throughout the recovery process. Call 866-313-6310 today to learn more about us and our life-changing programs.