Getting over a substance abuse problem isn’t as easy as it might sound. Once a person develops a dependency and addiction to a particular substance, tolerance and withdrawal make it difficult to stop using. Even individuals who want to get clean may fall into relapse when withdrawal symptoms become unmanageable. If you’re looking to conquer a substance addiction in or near Maryland, Ashley Addiction Treatment can help. Our Maryland addiction treatment center uses a wide array of innovative tools and services to help individuals safely beat addiction.

Addiction is a Chronic Disease that Requires Treatment

Female Client at Our Maryland Addiction treatment CenterIf you’re hoping your addiction problem will improve without addiction treatment, you’re not alone. An alarming majority of people who abuse drugs or alcohol never reach out for help. Some people live in denial about their problem, while others simply don’t want help. Others mistakenly believe that their substance abuse problems are untreatable.

Addiction causes chronic and compulsive urges to use a drug for its mind-altering effects. These urges will never fully disappear. However, comprehensive treatment centered around a 12-step program can teach you how to resist the urge to use again in the future.

Even though addiction is a recurring disease, recovery is possible. True rehabilitation will require daily commitment and total effort on your part. The experienced professionals at Ashley Addiction Treatment can offer supportive and knowledgeable assistance during rehab.

Our Maryland Addiction treatment Center Can Help Ease the Burden of Withdrawal

Once dependence and addiction have developed, the risk of withdrawal symptoms increases. Over time, the body feels as though it needs the drug in order to feel and perform properly. When the drug is no longer accessible, the brain goes into panic mode. Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, but they’re actually a sign that the body is attempting to correct itself.

Withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to stop using. An individual may quit using for a few days, but withdrawal symptoms commonly lead to relapse.

Depending on the type of drug being abused, withdrawal symptoms can range in severity from mild to severe. The severity often depends upon the duration of use and average dosage, along with other factors.

Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using? If so, our Maryland addiction treatment center can help you get through withdrawal and prepare you for a rehab program. We perform supervised detox at our facility. Once detox is complete, guests begin an addiction program that will act as the foundation of their recovery.

Treatment in Maryland

Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, has everything you need to overcome your problem, safely and successfully. Our four core substance abuse programs include:

As an extension of our Young Adult Program, we also offer a 90-day Young Adult Extended Care for young men between the ages of 18–25 years old.

Take Control Over Addiction Now

At Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, we understand how powerful addiction can be. Regardless of how deeply entrenched you are in the cycle of substance abuse, we can help. Through hard work and exhaustive therapy, you can learn how to change every aspect of your life and achieve true recovery.

If you’re ready to open the doors to your future, our Maryland addiction treatment center will guide you toward lasting, safe, and satisfying rehabilitation. Call us today at 866-313-6307.