In many cases, drug overdoses are the end result of drug abuse. Some people overdose intentionally, but most do it by accident. Regardless of why or how people overdose, it can be a fatal event. For those who survive, it’s important to know what to do after a drug overdose.

What Is a Drug Overdose?

A drug overdose happens when people take too many drugs for their bodies to process. Some people overdose because they take more than what their doctors recommend. In some cases, however, people can overdose when the drugs are toxic to their bodies.

Why Do Some People Overdose and Others Don’t?

Woman Thankful to Have Survived a Drug OverdoseEveryone’s body works differently. Some people can handle more of a certain drug than others. However, there are a few reasons why they may overdose.

Taking too much of a drug to achieve a high is one cause. When people start taking drugs, they have to take more and more to achieve the same effect. Eventually, they take too much for their bodies to handle and suffer an overdose.

Other people overdose because they stop taking drugs and then start taking the same amount again. Relapse after detox is very common. However, when it happens, some people take the same amount of drugs as before. Unfortunately, their bodies can no longer tolerate the drug, which causes an overdose.

What Happens After a Drug Overdose?

The results of a drug overdose can vary from person to person. Sometimes, overdosing on a drug leads to death. Other times, people get a second chance at life. For the lucky ones, guilt and depression often take center stage.

Entering detox is the first step that people should take after an overdose. The incident is a sign that they can’t stop taking drugs on their own. Instead, they need help from a professional addiction treatment center. Detox is the first step toward getting that help.

Detox also builds a strong foundation for the rest of rehab. It’s important to know that detox alone isn’t enough to overcome a drug addiction. In fact, people usually spend their whole lives battling the disease. With the right help, the battle gets easier.

Overdose Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drug overdoses because of an injury were the leading cause of death in 2012. In 2013, nearly 80% of overdose deaths were unintentional rather than suicide attempts.

To make matters worse, the death rate is highest among young teens and adults. Most of these overdoses happen when teens take drugs for the first time. They take too much and overdose.

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