Accept. Understand. Overcome.

Ashley’s Family Wellness Program helps loved ones cope with the collateral effects of addiction. As part of this program, we’ll focus on the perspectives of everyone involved because the patient often isn’t the only person in need of healing.

Ashley’s Family Wellness Program includes:

  • Participation in a three day weekend program on the Ashley Campus
  • Education about the science of addiction
  • Workshops to help you gain coping skills to manage stress, fear and co-dependence
  • Consultations with expert certified counselors—trained in family therapy


One patient family member receives complimentary admission for the program.* Lunch is provided and several nearby hotels offer discounted rates.

Our program is also open to the public.

For more information or to register please call 1.866.313.6307 ext 227 or email


*Complimentary admission for the program applies to patient families in our inpatient program only. Program fees apply to outpatient families and members of the public.