Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the holistic aspect of healing from substance abuse. In fact, it was developed to present a simpler and less-lengthy alternative to psychoanalysis, which can last for several years. As part of addiction treatment, psychodynamic techniques attempt to help individuals find patterns in their beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

The goal in identifying these patterns is to help individuals overcome negative emotions that may contribute to their use. Moreover, as they learn to resolve issues and change old behaviors, the hope is they can lead improved lives.

Core Principles of Psychodynamic Therapypsychodynamic therapy

During these talk therapy sessions, therapist help individuals evaluate early life experiences, beliefs, and thoughts to gain better insight into present-day problems. Awareness of patterns developed over time helps individuals see how they can avoid distress and develop defense mechanisms.

For example, their methods of coping can begin to change as they make strides in changing old thought and behavior patterns.

Central to this form of therapy is the therapeutic relationship it fosters. In addition, Individuals may begin to see more deeply how they choose to interact with others. Transferring feelings for a close relative onto the therapist may also illuminate how an individual’s early life relationships affect their lives today.

Psychodynamic treatment can occur in many forms. For example, this includes group, family, and individual therapy.

Psychodynamic Therapy is an Interactive Process

Psychodynamic treatment is a highly interactive process with up to three sessions each week. Such frequency is necessary to reach the ultimate goal of therapy: teaching an individual new mental skills that remove any mental connections between conflicts of the past and present-day substance abuse.

However, the therapist must guide an individual along their path to recovery. This can only happen when time is spent delving deeply into the individual’s psyche. While the interactive process is not as long as psychoanalysis, time is on an individual’s side who commits to completing all recommended psychodynamic sessions.

In fact, both the individual and therapist must work together. Eventually, the need to abuse drugs or alcohol no longer dominates their thoughts and actions.

Basic Treatment Process of Psychodynamic Therapy

During each session, the therapist usually does most of the talking. This technique is used to move an individual along the recovery process. They begin by stepping into the individual’s past and subconscious actions to determine links between the two.

A therapist looks for several aspects about an individual. In addition, these may include:

  • How in touch an individual is with their feelings
  • Feelings an individual is not aware of
  • How deep feelings are subconsciously buried
  • Pain that arises when hidden feelings surface
  • An individual’s tolerance to that pain

An essential component to each session is the therapist building a relationship with the individual seeking help. The goal is helping the individual feel comfortable and relaxed enough to share hidden feelings. Therefore, uncovering these emotions can bring out some unsettling memories. It’s important that an individual feels safe during the process.

Benefits of Psychodynamic Therapy

Whether consciously or unconsciously, an individual’s past can directly affect what is currently happening in their life. Therefore, psychodynamic therapy sessions seek to find answers to present issues. This form of therapy works by helping an individual better understand why they are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Let the Psychodynamic Approach Give You Inner Peace

Ashley Addiction Treatment believes the psychodynamic method is a vital component of successfully treating individuals struggling with addiction. We offer this form of addiction therapy, along with other addiction treatment programs, in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

In addition to intensive outpatient and inpatient treatment, our facility has amenities to help individuals through complete recovery.

For example, we offer:

  • Wellness center
  • Personal trainers
  • Laundry services
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga

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