As you likely already know, alcoholism can leave devastating marks on one’s personal and professional life. It can also rip apart families, destroy friendships, and even lead to death. If your loved one’s alcohol abuse has already progressed into full-blown alcoholism, you’re empowered to help him or her before the problem results in unnecessary tragedy. Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, can help your loved one regain control from alcoholism symptoms.

Alcohol Addiction Vs. Alcoholism

Happy Man in a Field Who Overcame Alcoholism SymptomsFor those who don’t struggle with alcohol abuse, it can be difficult to differentiate between the alcohol conditions. While alcohol addiction makes it hard for users to limit their drinking, full-blown alcoholism takes away all self-control. If your loved one is no longer able to control his or her drinking, professional help is necessary.

Many individuals know that they have a problem but choose not to seek help. Sometimes this decision is due to feelings of fear, guilt, and the chance for rejection. That’s why very few people are able to conquer this particular battle without outside help.

Most health associations classify alcoholism as a disease that causes users to experience uncontrollable and chronic urges to abuse alcohol. Like other diseases, it requires professional treatment in order to improve.

While the cravings associated with alcoholism never fully go away, it’s possible to learn how to manage and resist them. Alcoholism recovery requires daily commitment and effort on the user’s part. Numerous people have learned to stop drinking and control their cravings with basic yet valuable life coping methods. Ashley Addiction Treatment can arm you with these helpful life skills.

Alcoholism Symptoms to Watch For

If you recognize certain alcoholism symptoms in your loved one, the problem has likely developed into something more serious. Common symptoms include:

  • Lacking all ability to control one’s drinking, even in the face of severe consequence
  • Engaging in regular binge drinking
  • Drinking that results in feelings of guilt, embarrassment, or shame
  • Feeling the need to hide how much you drink from close loved ones
  • Drinking to the point of passing out on a regular basis
  • Experiencing legal, personal, and professional problems as a result of your drinking

If you’ve experienced one or more of the alcoholism symptoms outlined above, it is time to find addiction help. Professional rehab can help you get through alcohol withdrawal and prepare you for a subsequent alcoholism program.

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Alcoholism is a serious disease that requires urgent attention. Are you ready to help someone you love tackle this overwhelming problem? If so, Ashley offers the treatment programs and therapies needed to achieve total results.

Our comprehensive addiction treatment programs include:

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