The unique needs of youths in our addiction rehab program

The Unique Needs of Emerging Adults in Our Addiction Rehab Program

Our youngest generations are facing unprecedented difficulties and uncertainties in their future. They have the highest stress levels of any generations in 100 years, and have been hit the hardest by the opioid epidemic, along with alcohol abuse. Rising technology use has also increased feelings of loneliness among younger generations, which has resulted in higher…


College Student Drug Use Statistics [Infographic]

Young adults commonly struggle with alcohol and substance abuse. In fact, college student drug use statistics recognize the growing concerns around the country. From marijuana to cocaine and hallucinogens, drug abuse is rapidly on the rise throughout college campuses. What College Student Drug Use Statistics Are Telling Us In 2016, the National Institute on Drug…

alcohol treatment for professionals

Alcohol Treatment for Professionals

Struggling with alcohol addiction is tough in any situation, but it can be especially challenging while building your career. If word got out, it could ruin your opportunities for advancement and standing in the industry. However, getting help is possible with alcohol treatment for professionals. Who Benefits from Alcohol Treatment for Professionals? Members of the…