Woman Who Benefitted from Our Addiction Rehab FacilitiesAre you battling a drug or alcohol addiction? Perhaps you’ve tried unsuccessfully to quit in the past, or haven’t had success at other rehab facilities. If so, you’ll be glad to know that Ashley Addiction Treatment uses an integrated care approach to increase your odds of recovery. Here are just a few ways in which our center is head and shoulders above our competition.

Our Well-Rounded Treatment Approach Separates Us from Other Rehab Facilities

Many centers focus only on the addiction problem itself and don’t consider what might have caused it in the first place. Our philosophy is different. We believe that recovery requires a well-rounded approach to treatment that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.

We begin with a phone assessment, at which time a specialist will review your psychiatric and substance abuse history. During the admissions process, we will perform a medical assessment to determine your particular health needs. Gathering this information allows us to develop a personalized care plan to meet your needs. In this way, we avoid unhelpful aspects while focusing on the substance abuse programs most likely to produce positive results.

Focus on Total Health

While traditional clinical and psychological and psychiatric care seek to change addictive behaviors, addiction can also take its toll on your body and spiritual wellness. Our goal is for you to leave in better condition than when you arrived. One way we do that is by encouraging exercise in our state-of-the-art fitness center. With activities such as yoga, basketball, volleyball, walking, and jogging, you will have plenty of other ways to stay active as well.

Not only can you get in great shape, but you may also improve your well-being through acupuncture and massage therapy. Thanks to these services, addiction recovery often results in a dramatic improvement in overall health.

Delicious Meals and Snacks

A common complaint about many rehab facilities is the quality of food. We know that delicious food can lift the spirits and give you enough energy to face your challenges. You’ll enjoy tasty dishes prepared by our professionally trained chef using fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables from local farms, along with quality meats and seafood. The dietitian and/or chef can tailor the menu based on your medical needs.

Attractive, Serene Setting

We chose our location directly on the Chesapeake Bay because of its calmness and serenity. Mature trees create a scenic backdrop for our 147-acre, waterfront campus. Strategically-placed green spaces add to the aesthetic appeal of our property, and are in perfect balance with its natural setting.

The inside of our facility is designed to be just as attractive as the outside. Through our floor-to-ceiling windows, you can gaze upon our magnificent outdoor setting. This will prove useful whenever you need a sense of peace or would like to calm yourself a little.

Programs we Offer

Here at Ashley Addiction Treatment, we offer the following core recovery support programs to assist you with getting and staying sober:

If left unchecked, any type of addiction can easily control your life. A stay at our quality drug rehab center can help you beat your addiction and regain control. Contact us at 866-313-6307 and allow our rehabilitation specialists to get you on the road to recovery.