Grad-to-Grad Program

You can offer support to recent Ashley graduates with their transition after Ashley and their early recovery.

You can help recent graduates by:

  • Accompanying them to meetings
  • Introducing them to other people in recovery 
  • Helping them build a sober network
  • Answering questions about meetings, home groups and sponsorship
  • Offering a sense of fellowship and belonging

If you are interested, contact our Alumni department at 

Leadership Councils

One of Ashley’s greatest assets is our growing network of passionate and committed volunteers. Leadership Councils are comprised of community leaders, professionals and other dedicated individuals.

As a member of a Leadership Council you will:

  • Participate in the grad-to-grad program
  • Attend our 4th week group meeting - a weekly meeting led by a clinician where patients in their final week of treatment share their fears, hopes, plans and questions 

If you are interested in joining a Leadership Council, please contact Martha Meehan-Cohen at