When you make the decision to start living sober, your focus has to change. Before rehab, individuals are primarily focused on getting and using substances. After rehab, you focus on enjoying each day, earning a good living, being healthy, feeling great, and spending time with people you love.

Sobriety is a flip of a coin, from heads to tails. While you live a very different existence, it’s all part of that same proverbial coin. Below are some suggestions for living sober today and every day.

Be Patient in Newly Living Soberliving sober

Focus is where that “coin flip” begins and ends. The rest of living sober takes more work. However, that’s the essence of life: you get what you work for, and if you don’t work for anything, everything falls apart.

Be patient with yourself in the early days, weeks, and months of your recovery. Living in sobriety for the first time in a long time can be scary. Many people fear failing, relapsing, and just not “making it” in life.

Listen to these cues in yourself. When you feel uneasy, remember that you’re on a journey that takes time, patience, and work.

Keep Healthy People Around You

When you first begin living sober, isolating yourself is the opposite of what you need. Join new groups to add healthy people to your circle. Seek recovery support in aftercare or your community. Build a relationship with a sober buddy.

Joining new groups helps you surround yourself with happy, healthy and energetic people. Find groups through church, 12-step programs, and community centers. The first time you attend new group events, you may feel a little alone and awkward at first. However, as you start expanding your social life, every subsequent event or outing will feel more comfortable.

Remember to maintain a solid support system around you. This support system needs to include people with more experience in sobriety than you. You need mentors and people you can learn from, such as our alumni meetings. This is why 12-step support groups in your community work so well after rehab.

Enjoy a Healthy, Full Life

Remember how great you felt upon leaving rehab? You were the healthiest you’ve been in months or even years. Don’t let this slip. A healthy body drives a healthy mind and spirit through continuing care.

Work out, learn new hobbies to keep growing and learning and have real fun. Enjoy yourself and push your personal limits to achieve new things. Together, all of these enrich your life, awaken your spirit, and provide you with balance.

Learning to Live Sober in Havre de Grace, Maryland

Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, offers multiple levels of care to give you the best chance of a lasting recovery. During these programs, you’ll learn about your addiction, preventing relapse and living sober.

If you or someone you love suffer addiction, think about how you deserve the best chance of a sober life. Then call Ashley Addiction Treatment at 866-313-6307 for information about programs that will help you reach those sober goals.