When you get treatment for a substance abuse disorder, you’re usually paired with a therapist who helps you plan your course of action. You typically go through different psychotherapy approaches and receive addiction education that helps you understand the disease. However, addiction support groups are also instrumental in lasting recovery.

Benefits Of Addiction Support Groupsaddiction support groups

There is only so much that you can work on during an inpatient or outpatient rehab treatment program. Although you may explore yourself deeply during individual or group therapy sessions, you may need to continue to process your trauma or grief. You can do this in a support group.

Support groups also help you address your self-confidence and self-worth. In fact, hearing others’ stories helps you understand that you’re not alone. Your peers may give you the inspiration that you need to start with treatment or maintain your sobriety. Moreover, you become part of a community that lifts you up and reflects your worth back to you.

People who struggle with addiction learn how to keep their emotions to themselves or hide the truth from loved ones. Therefore, they fall into patterns of miscommunication and might have trouble connecting with others without getting defensive or retreating into themselves. Members of a support group can practice communication in a safe setting. This creates trust and demonstrates that vulnerability can be healthy and freeing.

Addiction Support Groups For Relapse Prevention

Addiction is a chronic disorder that is never truly cured. However, many addiction support groups encourage relapse prevention practices. Groups provide a distraction and give members something to look forward to. Some offer activities that members can do together. Furthermore, these events give people a healthy way to spend their time and help them avoid social circles that associate with drug or alcohol use.

Build A Foundation For Success In Recovery

When you participate in a support group as part of your addiction therapy, you learn how others develop and maintain coping strategies. Hearing personal stories about how other people dealt with cravings or a challenging situation can help you learn new ways to approach your own recovery. It’s always helpful to know that other people are trying to manage similar obstacles as you are.

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we offer a 12-step program that includes multiple meetings per day. Our gender-responsive support groups address the specific needs of men and women as they go through treatment. For example, they provide a distraction-free setting in which you can really open up.

In addition to our support groups, we also offer individual care via:

You don’t have to feel hopeless due to drug or alcohol abuse. We can help you establish faith in your future. Call us today at 866-313-6310 to learn more about our treatment modalities and the recovery process.