Substance abuse that begins in adolescence can leave many lasting effects on a young person’s life. If you or a loved one is caught up in the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, professional rehab can be the solution. Addiction is a complicated disease that causes compulsive cravings. Fortunately, you can conquer this problem by undergoing young adult rehab at Ashley Addiction Treatment Center in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Young Adults and Addiction

Happy Woman Who Attended Our Young Adult Rehab

Addiction can grab hold of anyone who experiments with drugs or alcohol, regardless of gender, race, or financial standing. Extended use can and does lead to increased tolerance, dependency, and—eventually—full-blown addiction.

Although addiction affects people from all walks of life, young adults are particularly susceptible to its power. Young people who use drugs are more likely to develop an addiction than those who experiment later in life.

Substance abuse during adolescence also significantly increases the risk of developing a mental disorder. This is because young brains are still undergoing chemical and emotional changes. Youth substance abuse stunts emotional growth and reduces one’s ability to learn new skills.

Young adult rehab at Ashley Addiction can help you or a young adult in your life put an end to substance abuse before irreparable damage occurs. All it takes is a commitment to making a change.

Negative Effects of Addiction

Substance addiction can have a negative impact on the lives of young adults. Drug and alcohol abuse lower inhibitions and decrease motivation. Young adults living with addiction have an increased risk of dropping out of school and experiencing unemployment.

Drug and alcohol abuse can result in many more consequences to a young adult’s personal life. Addictive behaviors split families apart, lead to financial hardships, and can result in legal consequences. Additionally, substance addiction often destroys one’s reputation among friends, family, and other peers.

Addiction Treatment Young Adults Can Count On

If you’re a young adult struggling to overcome addiction or know an individual who needs help, substance abuse programs at Ashley Addiction in Havre de Grace, Maryland, can be the key to unlocking a better life. You don’t have to sit by helplessly as addiction chips away at the foundation of you or your loved one’s life.

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, our Young Adult Program has helped numerous individuals embrace lasting recovery. Additionally, we offer Young Adult Extended Care exclusively for 18–25-year-old males. Both of these programs promote the idea that a healthier, happier, and more satisfying future is just around the corner. The professionals at our young adult rehab are excited to help you turn hopes of sobriety into reality.

Don’t let a drug or alcohol problem destroy your name or potential. You or your loved one can become a productive, confident, and capable member of society. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6307.