Millions of women living in the United States are dealing with a substance abuse problem. Many of these women will never recover because they don’t realize help is within reach. If you or a loved one abuses drugs or alcohol, there’s a womens drug rehab program in MD that can help. In fact, it’s possible to put a permanent end to the abuse and rebuild your life. This total life change begins at Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Women and Addiction

Woman Who Embraced Recovery at Our Womens Drug Rehab Program in MD

Anyone can develop an addiction, but women are particularly vulnerable to the chronic disease. Women who abuse drugs or alcohol are also more susceptible to co-occurring mental health disorders than men.

Addiction problems lead to various paths that often result in significant consequence. For women, addiction increases the risk for sexual or physical assault, as well as unprotected sex. Unsafe sex commonly leads to STD’S and/or unplanned pregnancies.

Addiction also puts increasing strain on personal and professional relationships. Some women who abuse drugs or alcohol eventually lose their homes, jobs, and families because of their inability to quit. Others wind up in legal troubles and financial debt.

If addiction is leaving devastating marks on your life, Our womens drug rehab program in MD can guide you toward real change and help you stop the abuse before it’s too late.

Addiction Must Be Addressed

If you’ve convinced yourself that your problem will go away in time, think again. Addiction typically grows worse as time passes. However, early intervention can help you stop the destructive behavior before lasting damage occurs.

Addiction causes chronic and compulsive cravings for a substance and its psychoactive effects. Extended use results in increased tolerance, and full-blown dependency follows. Once addiction develops, quitting becomes difficult because of withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms are the brain’s response to suddenly not receiving the substance it has come to rely upon to feel normal. While these symptoms are usually unpleasant, they’re also a sign that the body is trying to restore itself.

Many women want to get sober, but stay locked into the cycle of abuse because of withdrawal. During our women’s drug rehab program in MD, you can undergo managed detox in a safe environment. Rehab specialists are available 24/7 to monitor patient progress and help manage symptoms.

About Our Womens Drug Rehab Program in MD

Conquer your addiction problem once and for all by combining the power of detox, therapy, and personalized care. Our substance abuse programs in MD promote gender-specific paths to recovery and are designed to meet each of our patients’ specific needs.

Ashley Addiction Treatment offers:

Our patients also have access to the executive chef and dietitian for consultation, three chef-prepared meals daily, wholesome snacks options within the living quarters, laundry services, and housekeeping services.

Smooth Sailing Towards Sobriety

Rehab doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. The professional staff at Ashley Addiction in Havre de Grace, Maryland, will guide you through each phase of recovery. Don’t let addiction pull you down any further than it already has. Regain your sobriety, health, and independence at Ashley Addiction in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Contact us today by dialing 866-313-6310.