Could you benefit from a womens alcohol rehab program in MD? You don’t have to travel far to find a female-only facility. Instead, entrust your care to Ashley Addiction Treatment. We offer a gender-specific rehab for alcohol use disorders.

Why Women Drink Too Much

Woman Receiving Counseling at Our Womens Alcohol Rehab Program in MDStress, peers, and genetic predisposition are just a few of the reasons that women mention when discussing their alcohol abuse. Some started in college to keep up with the guys. Women who can hold their liquor or drink more than a man without acting drunk get points for being cool. In reality, they’re setting themselves up for an alcohol use disorder.

In its publication, “Alcohol – A Women’s Health Issue,” the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that over five million women abuse alcohol. Experts suggest that women in this group drink to such excess that it adversely affects their health and safety. Examples of outcomes include victimization through violence or sexual assault a well as liver and brain damage. What holds back many women from seeking help is the fear of stigma.

Are You Already Dealing with an Alcohol Problem?

You might be able to benefit from a womens alcohol rehab program in MD if you’re struggling with your drinking. You may be missing days at work or forgetting important child care tasks. Maybe you rationalized that driving after drinking – just this one time – is okay. When you’ve gone without a drink for a while, you may experience an intense craving.

In fact, your body may show signs of withdrawal if you don’t supply more of the drug quickly. Once you do start drinking, you can’t stop yourself. It’s impossible to have just one drink and then walk away. Maybe you’re also struggling with depression or live with someone who also drinks heavily.

How a Womens Alcohol Rehab Program in MD Can Make a Difference in Your Life

Substance abuse programs in MD can be difficult in a co-ed setting. You may be too embarrassed to speak up or share what’s on your mind. Because many individuals struggling with addiction have these concerns, experts at Ashley Addiction Treatment have put together gender specific paths for recovery.

During a unisex addiction treatment program, women may deal with shame, guilt, and plenty of negative self-talk. Many of these negative behaviors find societal reinforcement. A thoughtless statement by a male program participant can discourage you from sharing.

We don’t want to put you in a situation that would prevent you from healing and overcoming an addiction. Modalities of our womens drug rehab program and alcohol recovery program include:

  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment of underlying mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety
  • Trauma treatment deals with unresolved issues from the past that affect your life to this day
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is one-on-one work you do with a therapist to identify negative patterns, thoughts, and feelings
  • Family programs that bring in your loved ones to establish communication, trust, and a solid support network
  • Holistic care acknowledges the importance of healing the mind and spirit along with the body

This last modality makes a significant difference to women in recovery. Massage and acupuncture help your body to heal while also speeding along the process of shedding toxins. Exercise therapy allows personal trainers to put you on a fitness regimen you can continue once you return home.

Yoga is another beneficial approach for helping with stress management and overall well-being. Combined with guided meditation, it also helps you to feel grounded in the present. This move is a huge step if you struggle with the past. Pastoral counseling benefits members of all faiths as well as those without any.

Learn More about Our Womens Alcohol Rehab Program in MD Today

You don’t have to continue hiding an alcohol use disorder or feeling guilt and shame for not being able to stop. Addiction is a disease that requires professional intervention like any other chronic condition that affects your health. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment now at 866-313-6307 and find out how easy it is to get started.