At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we know that creating a great treatment plan is paramount to effective recovery. We also understand that no two people are the same. If you have certain needs and concerns, we strive to create an individualized addiction treatment plan that’s best for you.

An Addiction Treatment Plan That Meets Your Needs

Young Woman in Need of a Comprehensive Treatment PlanOur goal is to give clients the individual attention they deserve. Ashley Addiction Treatment creates custom plans which directly address your areas of concern.

We include family members in our custom plans as well. Close support is crucial to overcoming addiction. Family therapy sessions give relatives an excellent opportunity to learn more about their loved one’s addiction.

Taking the time to create custom plans for our clients helps expedite the healing process. It also allows us to choose the best relapse prevention for you. Don’t count on those rehab centers that use “one-size-fits-all” methods. Ashley Addiction Treatment puts your individual needs first.

Understanding the Benefits

The best addiction treatment plans will:

  • Identify diseases and physical conditions
  • Work to eliminate social isolation
  • Create a unique relapse prevention plan

Additionally, creating a custom treatment plan addresses all aspects of addiction. We don’t want to exclusively treat physical symptoms. We’ve found that addressing mental, social, and spiritual well-being creates a stronger foundation for treatment.

Continued Care

At Ashley Addiction Treatment we understand how difficult remaining sober is. We provide our clients with comprehensive continuing care programs. These services will effectively help you avoid relapse.

While enrolled in our continued care program, clients continue to rely on us for support. We teach them specific triggers to be aware of. Everyone has different triggers, so it’s important for to learn yours.

We also offer an alumni program. This allows clients to continue attending meetings and support groups. We’ve found that people who join support groups are more likely to continue leading healthy lifestyles after rehab.

We Can Help You Overcome Addiction at Ashley Addiction Treatment

Your happiness and safety are our top concerns at Ashley Addiction Treatment. We provide a recovery support system you can count on. Our experts create custom plans to tackle your addiction. Our core substance abuse programs include:

Beyond offering effective rehab programs, Ashley Addiction Treatment provides several amenities. These on-site features include yoga, massage, and acupuncture. We’ve designed these services to reduce stress while you recover.

Our comprehensive medical care provides on-site detox, and a wellness and fitness center. A personal trainer can create a custom workout plan to ensure your body’s peak performance while you heal.

Don’t entrust your health and safety to just any rehab center. Let Ashley Addiction Treatment create a custom rehabilitation plan for you. Contact us today at 866-313-6307 for more information.