Lasting recovery relies upon relapse prevention. However, your relapse triggers and temptations are unique to you. Therefore, how do you use what you learn in rehab for your greatest benefit? You establish a relapse prevention plan tailored to your specific needs.

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan?relapse prevention plan

A relapse prevention plan is your roadmap away from triggers. Moreover, it forms a solid foundation for your recovery and freedom from addiction. Your Ashley Addiction Treatment counselors work with you to build this plan before leaving rehab. As your life changes in recovery, you use what you learn in rehab to adjust your plan for lifelong success.

Having a relapse prevention plan is part of being proactive in your recovery. You learn in rehab that reacting to life’s hurdles doesn’t work. For example, you need proactive skills and methods as a protective foundation for your future.

Of course, you cannot predict life’s every turn. So, your relapse prevention plan helps you see potential relapse coming.

Why Do You Need to Prevent Relapse?

Without wanting sobriety, no plan will work to keep you sober. In fact, pay attention to the reasons why you want recovery. Use those for clear goals to keep you on track in relapse prevention.

Never believe for a moment that you will not relapse. Studies prove most people in recovery relapse at least once. However, accept this and prepare for it.

Once you know your relapse triggers, avoid situations where those exist. Stay away from friends, places, and situations where drugs or those triggers are present. You need to know which people trigger you, specifically. Make a list of your triggers and what to avoid.

At the same time, identify positive and supportive people you can call when feeling triggered. Simply talking out your anxiety or fears for relapse helps a great deal.

Put Your Relapse Prevention Plan into Effect

The hardest part of any relapse prevention is doing what it takes to avoid relapse. This is where rehab and recovery at Ashley Addiction Treatment helps you. In your therapies, education, and supportive connections at Ashley Addiction Treatment, you learn about your triggers and how to keep them from happening.

For example, addiction treatment programs include:

All of Ashley Addiction Treatment’s programs include individual counseling, family therapy, and group therapy. In these programs, you learn what you need for relapse prevention and craft your own plan.

If you or someone you love suffers addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Ashley Addiction Treatment now at 866-313-6307. You can have the lasting recovery you want and deserve.