Medical Care

The medical treatment offered is comprehensive and personalized based on your individual circumstances and treatment history. Our on-site team of board-certified doctors and nurses specialize in diagnosing and treating the effects of chronic pain and pain medication.

We offer a comprehensive approach supervised by our medical team.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and exercise are fundamental for health and wellbeing.  Chronic pain comes in many forms and you will receive an assessment and physical therapy treatment plan based on your individual needs. We utilize a combination of stretching, exercise, conditioning and manual physical therapy to improve function and decrease pain.  Most importantly, our physical therapist, John Taylor, views the body as connected parts working together rather than one part that may be injured. This perspective begins an individual on the road to being more than their pain.

Massage and Acupuncture

Pain recovery patients receive massage and acupuncture treatment from certified professionals as part of their treatment. Massage and acupuncture have been proven to improve the body’s function, promote the natural self-healing process and decrease pain.

Aqua Therapy

Research shows that aqua therapy helps enhance flexibility and range of motion by supporting muscles and aiding in balance. Pain Recovery patients have the opportunity to participate in aqua therapy two times per week.

Gym at Skips Hall