Clinical Care

Chronic pain is not just a physical sensation, it also impacts you emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. At Ashley, our team of certified counselors and psychologists help address these issues while treating your chronic pain.

Individualized Counseling

The Pain Recovery lead clinician and psychologist will meet with you on a weekly basis to address your specific needs. This one on one time is an opportunity for you to discuss the various aspects of your life impacted by chronic pain.

Specialized Groups

Research indicates a common link between trauma and substance use disorders. Ashley has developed groups led by our psychologists that help you learn about exposure to trauma, grief and anxiety. These groups provide education for the development of much needed coping skills.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

We offer Theracoustic ™ therapy to deliver benefits of mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation that significantly lowers symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders and pain.