Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction requires a multidisciplinary approach. A prominent part of many recovery plans is talk therapy. Sometimes referred to as individual counseling, it involves one-on-one interaction between the addict and a qualified therapist.

How It Works

Man Embracing His Girlfriend on the Beach Following Talk Therapy for AddictionWhile addiction therapy can come in many forms, this type of individual counseling is often the first choice for both clinicians and clients alike. That’s because talk therapy furnishes several benefits as a person moves toward long-term healing.

Talk therapy helps individuals establish and nurture a relationship. This is something that’s virtually impossible when a person is in the throes of addiction. A healthy, structured relationship with a therapist can instill confidence and help individuals work on their other connections with family and friends. Additionally, the therapeutic setting provides a place where a person can learn about the root causes and triggers involved in their addiction.

It also helps to have a safe place to feel the emotions that inevitably come up. These are what they have been medicating themselves against with alcohol and drugs. Finally, talk therapy furnishes the client with many tools to deal with the new emotions, including journaling.

How Counseling Integrates Into the Bigger Picture

Whether it’s drug or alcohol addiction, the disease takes over every part of your life. It compromises your health, relationships, and professional life. Substance abuse programs can teach you important life skills, help you forge healthy relationships, and ultimately heal you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Ashley Addiction Treatment Difference

We invite you to learn more about Ashley Addiction Treatment, a comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse rehab facility located in Havre de Grace, Maryland. When you entrust us with your treatment, we’re committed to customizing a residential or outpatient treatment plan that optimally helps you fight your addiction and heal on all levels. When you are ready to make a change, our rich, individualized set of treatment options includes the following:

  • Primary Program that combines medical, psychological, clinical and holistic approaches
  • Young Adult Program for people between 18–25-year-olds specially targeted to meet the needs of younger clients
  • Relapse Program designed for those who have recently gone back to drugs and alcohol after a period of sobriety or for those who are in danger of relapse
  • Pain Recovery Program to teach those who are in chronic pain holistic, non-chemical ways to address their symptoms
  • Holistic care options including acupuncture, nutrition counseling, massage, physical fitness and personal trainers and yoga
  • Family therapy and other family programs that bring those close to you into the circle of your newfound recovery

Don’t wait another day to make a change. Our professionals pledge to treat you with the empathy and dignity while helping you battle your deadly and destructive addiction. Call our friendly and knowledgeable admissions counselors today at 866-313-6307, and take your first step toward healing and lasting recovery.