If you have a loved one who struggles with addiction, you might be uncertain how to proceed. For many families, addiction is a tough subject to address. In many cases, loved ones lack medical expertise or personal experience with substance abuse. If you want to help someone you love take a step toward recovery, extensive family therapy activities at a professional drug rehab center can play a major role. Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland, offers comprehensive treatment that can help users and their loved ones achieve total healing.

True Recovery Requires Support from Loved Ones

Teens Who Benefitted from Family Therapy Activities During RehabAddiction is a challenging obstacle to overcome. For many users, close loved ones subconsciously act as enablers and encourage addictive behaviors. In these types of cases, it isn’t just the user who needs healing.

If your loved one is actively using, you might not know how to help or be a positive role model. Perhaps you’re afraid of “rocking the boat” and stirring up negative emotions. Maybe you don’t like conflict and will avoid arguments at all costs. Regardless of your reasons, it’s understandable to be wary about broaching such a topic.

In order to help your loved one, you must be willing to speak up. The truth is, rehabilitation is a gradual process that demands total support from family and friends. This kind of unwavering commitment can make a drastic difference in a user’s lifelong road to recovery.

Where to Go for Help

If you aren’t sure where to turn for this kind of help, you’ve come to the right place. Ashley Addiction Treatment offers quality treatment that utilizes family therapy activities in its programs to help families heal and reconnect. It doesn’t matter how long your loved one has been abusing drugs or alcohol. We create personalized treatment plans that help individuals stop abusing substances and start rebuilding lives.

Are you willing to help your family member or close friend by offering your support to them during rehab? If so, we offer various family therapy activities designed to help restore the relationships between users and their loved ones. Our expert psychologists specialize in family therapy and have helped thousands of families begin the healing process. If you and your loved one are ready to start working toward this total life change, we’re ready to guide you toward real and lasting results.

Family Therapy Activities at Ashley Addiction Treatment

Our Havre de Grace drug rehab facility offers customized treatment plans designed to guide users away from addictive behaviors and toward radical change. By choosing us for your care, you can greatly reduce your loved one’s risk of future relapse and other setbacks.

In addition to family programs, we offer:

While working through addiction treatment and family programs, clients can choose from a number of recreational activities. We have an onsite wellness center, complete with gym equipment and personal trainers. For clients interested in improving their nutritional health, we also staff a dietary team and provide our guests with 24-hour food access.

Help Your Loved One Start Working Toward Recovery Today

Our family therapy activities can put you and your loved one on the road to lasting results in less time than you think. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment today at 866-313-6307.