Nurture addiction free futures.

“After participating, it seemed like something very heavy was lifted away.” – Sara, Mason’s mom

Addiction within a family environment can cause specific and complex challenges for children. In the Ashley Children and Youth Program for children ages 6-14, we deal with each child’s unique needs in an age appropriate manner. We also teach parents to help their children avoid long-term problems like academic issues, delinquency and substance use. Addressing these issues from a young age helps your child reach their full potential.

Ashley’s Children & Youth Program includes:

  • Participation in a one day session, held on the second Saturday of each month
  • Workshops facilitated by expert counselors, specially trained in addiction and youth risk behavior
  • Fun, educational activities like crafts and games
  • Learning how to express and channel thoughts and feelings
  • Lessons in how to openly communicate and rebuild trust

Parents attend an all day workshop led by expert certified counselors.

The Children and Youth Program is open to the public. For more information or to register, please call 1.866.313.6307 ext 227 or

*Ashley offers scholarships for families in need. Call for details.