An extended care program for long term addiction treatment provides you with a longer period of treatment during which you intensify your potential for lasting recovery. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, many young adult males age 18-25 take advantage of this care. After all, being a male in this age range presents greater hurdles for recovery than other age groups. In fact, you face increased pressure and a greater likelihood for relapse in this phase of your life.

How an Extended Care Program Compares with Long-Term Rehab Treatmentextended care program and long term addiction treatment

Many people don’t know that extended care programs differ from long term addiction treatment. However, these programs meet different needs and occupy different phases in your recovery. Your extended care program at Ashley Addiction Treatment lasts 90 days, for that specific time period before you return home or enter another program, like sober living. Furthermore, this care gives you more time to learn about your addiction and strengthen your relapse prevention skills.

In many ways, if standard rehab treatment for men protects you from relapse, an extended care program adds an extra layer of armor for even stronger recovery. You need this extra time for the challenges young adult males face in daily life which often offers a higher recovery success rate and greater accountability.

Your treatment lasts for a set period of 90 days. To the contrary, long term addiction programs provide open support continuing for as long as you need that help and doesn’t limit to taking place in the rehab facility. Most long term programs involve rehab, outpatient treatment, community support, therapists, alumni gatherings, and other programs within your community.

Treatment in Maryland

Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, MD provides long term treatment. This program provides greater support and care for your lifelong recovery and helps you learn about the root causes of your addiction. You also gain life skills training, enjoy many recreational activities, and build strength in sobriety among your peers in recovery.

Your custom treatment plan helps you start achieving your goals for your new life and teached you how to recognize problems in your life. You gain many hours each week of individual and group therapies which helps find balance in good times and healthy activities like kayaking, movies, bowling, and ropes courses.

Ashley Addiction Treatment also helps you rebuild your life through better life skills. You learn financial planning, gain vocational training, learn about nutrition, and participate in community service activities. You also go off-campus into the community to attend 12-step meetings among people your age. For example, other benefits include:

  • Family therapy and meetings
  • Custom fitness and exercise plans
  • Personal recreation time
  • Music, equine, and art therapies
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • CPR, naloxone, and fire safety training

Your rehab at Ashley Addiction Treatment doesn’t end when you leave the facility providing you with long term addiction support with a continuing care plan. This means you leave treatment with preparation.

Young Adult Male Programs at Ashley Addiction Treatment

In your addiction, you often crave sobriety and healthy recovery. The right treatment helps you gain strength and confidence in your recovery. This type of rehab means you don’t spend your days of sobriety craving the substances you leave behind.

At Ashley Addiction Treatment, your counselors, therapists, and other staff understand the unique difficulties young adult males face in recovery. Our residential addiction treatment program gives you the greatest chance of a bright, healthy, happy, and productive future.

In addition to extensive care for young adult males, Ashley Addiction Treatment offers other programs for both genders. For example, these programs include:

Whether you suffer addiction or someone you love struggles with this disease, Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, Maryland provides the help you need. Call Ashley Addiction Treatment now at 866-313-6310 to learn about the extended care program and other long term addiction treatment.