Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just happen to other people. It affects good people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Case in point is the career-minded individual with a high-power position and excellent job outlook. If you recognize yourself here, you might benefit from addiction treatment for professionals.

What Sets Apart Addiction Treatment for Professionals from Other Programs?addiction treatment for professionals

Do you remember the disease model of addiction? It affects each person differently. Moreover, it requires a custom treatment approach that differs from person to person. In fact, you have reasons for falling victim to dependency that varies for each individual.

Typically, professionals deal with a tremendous set of stressors that treatment must address. Concurrently, you bring a mindset to the table that uniquely identifies individuals with drive and desire to move forward. Moreover, there’s the confidentiality requirement. What holds back too many professionals from seeking help is the fear of having outsiders learn about their struggles.

Addiction treatment for professionals builds on your strengths while addressing weaknesses. It also ensures that your stay comes with the utmost level of confidentiality. Executive rehab centers typically allow individuals to use aliases when checking in or pay cash rather than going through insurers. These are only a couple of examples of the security measures that keep your stay private.

Treatments with an Eye on Your Specific Needs

When setting up addiction treatment for professionals, therapists look for specific needs. For example, many executives have higher than average stress levels that result in trigger development and responses. Considering these situations is vital for the development of an individualized protocol. Possible modalities include:

Addiction treatment for professionals not only focuses on the psychological aspect of recovery but also the physiological. Excellent programs offer detoxification right onsite to minimize exposure of your needs to third parties. Doing so also ensures that you receive the medical care you require from the start. Furthermore, holistic care rounds out the program with a spiritual wellness component.

What Happens after Treatment?

Recovery is an ongoing process. Addiction treatment programs emphasize the need for continuous relapse prevention learning during educational sessions. Aftercare planning helps you think through the return to work and possible stressors you encounter there. Therefore, you can work on developing coping mechanisms that let you face these situations.

Seek Professional Treatment Today

A substance abuse problem doesn’t get better by itself. Referring back to the disease model of addiction, remember that you’re dealing with a chronic illness. You need medical assistance to learn how to manage it. The same is true for asthma, diabetes, or any other chronic disease.

If you don’t do anything about it, it’ll get worse. Specifically, addiction affects your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Your body declines as you keep introducing chemicals. In some cases, you combine drugs that can have serious ill effects.

Mentally, you may suffer from deepening depression or worsening anxiety. In addition, you may develop forms of paranoia or psychosis. Holding on to your job becomes more and more difficult. You’re trying not to let other people see you suffer from withdrawal symptoms or fear.

Why go down this route? In fact, addiction treatment for professionals will guide you to sobriety through proven therapy and rehab. The caring therapists at Ashley Addiction Treatment are here for you. Contact us today at 866-313-6307 to schedule an intake interview.