Addiction recovery is a long road, but it’s one that you can stay on when you get the right forms of drug therapy. At Ashley Addiction Treatment, we use a variety methods to teach you more about your addiction and how to stay clean. Through our different therapeutic approaches, you’ll begin to find that it’s possible to stay sober and live an amazing life. We’re dedicated to your success, and it all starts with assessing your addiction so we know how to best help you.

Detox Prior to Drug Therapy

Couple Who Sought Drug TherapyWhen you first arrive at our Havre de Grace drug rehab facility, you’ll go through a physical as well as a mental evaluation. This is important so we can plan a detoxification program to begin your journey. One of the most difficult parts of getting clean is dealing with harsh withdrawal symptoms. Through our on-site detox process, you’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that you have qualified medical staff to assist you at all times.

Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes they can be downright painful. When necessary, our medical staff can administer medications in order to minimize your symptoms. By going through our medical detoxification process, you’ll see that you can make it to the next stage of our program.

Getting physically sober is only the first part of the process. The real recovery comes from proven drug therapy approaches.

Psychological and Psychiatric Care During Drug Therapy

Many people who do drugs for extended amounts of time begin to experience different symptoms of mental illness. It’s also possible that you turned to drugs to self-medicate an undiagnosed mental illness. In either case, co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder can easily complicate the recovery process.

Here at Ashley Addiction Treatment, we take mental illness seriously because it’s one of the leading causes of relapse. Once you detox, we’ll be able to do another assessment to see if you have an existing mental health disorder.

Through premium psychological and psychiatric care, our professionals will be able to fully address your issues. Our specialized treatment approaches help treat different forms of mental illness while also addressing trauma, grief, and anger. It’s important that you have a specific set of tools that you can use to overcome your mental illness. We have full-time psychologists as well as psychiatrists on staff to assist you with overcoming your symptoms of mental illness.

Holistic Drug Therapy

One of the biggest problems we face in the United States is the prescription drug epidemic, which is why we offer holistic care. While any and all medications we use are non-narcotic, some people prefer to treat their addiction without medications. This is why we offer a variety of holistic treatment methods to help you stay sober. These different methods will also begin to heal your mind, body, and spirit while helping strengthen your recovery.

We have a yoga instructor to guide you through various yoga practices, which are scientifically proven to help decrease stress and anxiety as well as healing your body. We’ll also introduce you to the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practices, which will help you work through cravings and other issues. Our building has an on-site exercise facility as well so you can begin getting back into shape. We also specialize in music and art therapies, which local artists help facilitate.

Our high-quality therapeutic methods have helped Ashley Addiction Treatment earn the Golden Seal from The Joint Commission. An independent governing body, the Joint Commission awards healthcare facilities who exhibit excellence in their field. Additionally, insurance companies are more likely to work with Joint Commission-accredited organizations.

Studies show that people who treat their addiction for as long as possible will increase their chances of recovery. Our four core substance abuse programs include:

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