Substance abuse treatment facilities have learned a great deal about rehab and recovery in recent years. Therefore, today’s programs look almost nothing like those of the past. However, one element in treatment that has withstood centuries of use is yoga therapy. In rehab, this therapy provides many benefits, just as it does throughout your recovery.

Yoga Therapy During TreatmentYoga Therapy and Certified Yoga Instruction During Rehab

Many people fear yoga therapy which is a slow, physical exercise that centers on breathing techniques and physical poses. They don’t feel afraid of the activity itself, but whether they can do yoga well and what it means to them.

Trying something new opens that door for potential failure and embarrassment. Yoga therapy involves a therapist, coach, or guide who helps you get through the poses and proper breathing techniques.

Still, some people fear the unknown and feel like they have to act like the yoga enthusiast stereotypes we all see on TV and in movies. However, these are just stereotypes and caricatures.

Recovery Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy involves your mind as much as it involves your body. This type of therapy helps people ease their mind during recovery. Yoga gains its name from the Indian word yoke, meaning unifying your body, mind, and spirit. By performing yoga properly, you calm your mind, exercise your body, and find your inner spirituality.

Anyone receive certified yoga instruction and it doesn’t require good physical fitness to participate. Part of the greatness of yoga is how it helps your body improve in flexibility and tone without bouncing around a gym floor or lifting weights. However, starting yoga can be tricky at first, but the practice moves so slowly that you have time to figure out the positions and seek guidance from the instructor.

Despite its slow movement and calming effects, yoga brings many benefits. For example, it builds confidence, improves your appearance and muscle tone, and makes you stronger and more flexible. The therapy also helps with withdrawal discomfort, relieves aches and pains, and reducing stress, reducing drug cravings, treating your mental distress, and even helps heal trauma.

Other benefits of yoga include better circulation, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and improved oxygen flow to your brain. In addition, your mood can improve and reduce symptoms of depression. It can help to teach better self-discipline which can help you to avoid future substance abuse.

Where Do You Find Yoga Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

In rehab at Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, MD, you gain yoga instruction along with a wide array of other therapies. Yoga works well with other holistic therapies at Ashley, such as meditation, mindfulness, massage therapy, and physical fitness with a personal trainer.

Your whole being heals: mind, body, and spirit. Some of our other programs include:

You can enjoy the better life you deserve away from addiction. That better life starts with the rehab treatment at Ashley Addiction Treatment in Havre de Grace, MD. Call Ashley now at 866-313-6310 for more information about available programs.